Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shipshewana, and the RV is a home now . . .

From Nappanee, we followed the buggies east to Shipshewana . . .


and settled in at the Shipshewana South Campground.  We were here for several reasons . . . 1) to stock up at some of our favorite shops,


It’s not just tourists who like to stock up at E & S Bulk Foods!

2) to pick up some recliners from Lambright Comfort Chairs, and 3) for Marci to go on a 2-day bus trip with her Mom and sisters (see the Quilting Dreams blog for that recap!).

Our first stop on Thursday was Lambright Comfort Chairs, where we found that their business has picked up considerably since we were last there!  They had always in the past said that it took just 3 days to get a pair of chairs, but now it’s more like 6 weeks!  We weren’t planning on staying in Shipshewana for 6 weeks, so we needed to figure something else out!  We decided that Tom wanted a wall-hugger recliner, but I wanted a rocker-recliner.  They had 2 rocker-recliners on the floor, but neither of them in fabric that we wanted.  There was a wall-hugger recliner in a nice neutral leather, but only one!  After much deliberation and discussion, it was determined that they could build a rocker-recliner to match the beige leather floor model recliner, and have it ready for us by Tuesday morning.  Yeah!!  We left a deposit, and left to continue our shopping . . .

While I was on my bus trip the next day, Tom continued to look at chairs at several other furniture stores in Shipshewana . . . and even found a pair of matching Lambright chairs – in a very similar leather color, but neither of them were rockers, either!  We went back to Lambright to see if they might be able to retrofit one of those with the rocker mechanism, and when we walked in there were 2 new matching leather chairs on the floor!!  These 2 were in a color that we liked slightly better than what we had originally selected, and we could get one of each – a rocker and a recliner!

So, this is what we finally have in our living room!


They are very comfortable, and look really nice, too!  It really makes our camper look like a home now!














Nicolas’ room is looking pretty good now, too . . . we re-arranged some things to give them more room when watching TV or playing Xbox.



Our last 2 days in Shipshewana were spent doing laundry and some sewing (all that Quilt Shop Hopping made me anxious to sew!), as well as work and school.

Our last task was to pick up the recliners this morning, and then we packed up and moved south!  We took State Rt. 5 south to Ligonier, where we picked up US-33 to Ft. Wayne.  In Ft. Wayne, we got on the interstate (I-69), and stayed on that to Muncie, and then it was back to state roads south to Little Farm on the River RV Park in Rising Sun, IN . . . just over the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH/Coventry, KY.

We arrived here by dinnertime, and the warm temperatures were great for grilling and a campfire!


After the fire died down and the chilly air moved in, we headed inside to watch the Presidential Debate.  Tom wasted no time at all before getting comfortable in his new recliner!


Yep, I think he’s going to like his new chair!!

We’ll be here until Friday, and then we’ll have to move on because the campground is completely booked for their Halloween Weekend festivities!  We’re not sure where we’ll go next, but we’ll  keep moving south!


  1. great looking new furniture!!..looks comfy!!

    LOVE, D

  3. The chairs look great! Tom looks like he found his spot!

  4. They look great and very homey!


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