Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winding down . . .


We’ve been really lucky with the weather here in Michigan . . . it’s still getting up into the high 60s/low 70s during the day, and nights are in the 40s or 50s, but we’re keeping pretty comfortable in the RV.


We’ve gotten some pretty dramatic sunsets here at Haas Lake

Even with most of the “seasonal” campers gone, there are still quite a few people around here.  I think this is a pretty popular spot for full-timers who have family in the metro Detroit area.  Tom is getting pretty tired of the dirt roads, though, so I’m not sure this will become a regular spot for us to stay when we’re in “back home”!

Roger & Joyce are getting ready to leave in the next day or do, and we’ll be right behind them later this week.  With this being our last week in the office for nearly a year, we’ve been finalizing things at work, as well as getting the RV ready to roll again.  Tom and Nicolas have been airing up all the tires, and last night we finally hung up the pictures I brought with us – it was good to get them off the floor!

Our wireless network is finally set up, so both printers are put away in the cabinets, and we’ve got a pretty good, solid signal.  The kids even managed to watch an episode of “Top Gear” through the laptop, into the TV . . . so that takes away some of the sting of not having cable

Yesterday, Bryce had a biology experiment that required some pond observations . . . and we conveniently have a lake right here!  After he was done with his experiment, I spent some time photographing some of the resident swans.


I think it’s hilarious to watch them eat – face-down in the water with their tail feathers and feet in the air!


Last weekend was Bryce’s 14th birthday, so I made dinner down at my Mom’s house for my family.


That same evening was my St. Anthony School 8th grade class reunion!  One of the guys volunteered to host a bonfire at his house so a small group got together.  We were late getting there because of Bryce’s birthday party, so I missed seeing a few of my old classmates & our 5th grade teacher . . . but it was still nice to see those that I was able to catch up with!  Maybe we’ll have another reunion in a year or two, and get a bigger group to attend!


We’re still trying to decide where we’re going to spend the winter – we were thinking Texas, but now we’re considering Florida, too.  There’s a TechnoRV Rally in Florida in December that I’d like to attend, and homeschool days at Disney in January . . . so if Tom can line up a workamper job in southern Florida, we might just go there . . . but he’s still looking at job postings in Texas, too!  I guess the full-time RVers are right about plans being set in jello!!

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  1. It seems like you are getting yourselves organized since your move. Wherever you decided to head for winter, safe travels. I agree those birds look hilarious when eating under the water.


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