Friday, November 16, 2012

Easy travel day

Today was our travel day from Myrtle Beach to Charleston, and after all the rain yesterday, we were very pleased to wake up to blue skies and sunshine.  We took 17 south, through several small towns, and picked up I-526 just outside of Charleston and took that (over a couple of tall bridges) out to the Navy Base.  It was just 100 miles, and a really easy drive!

We met up with our nephew, Shane, and he got us checked into the FamCamp where we’ll spend the next 10 days.


It’s a nice little campground, with a very friendly camphost, and we’re just a short walk away from Katy & Shane’s house.  After getting set up and having a quick lunch, we drove over to see Katy & Jaxon.  He’s getting so big . . . and is still such a sweetie!  He just loves Bryce, especially his shiny braces!

We toured their house, and got some insight into their life in the Navy, and when everybody started getting hungry we went out for pizza.  It was a nice evening, and we were well entertained by Jaxon!  After dinner, they went home to get the little guy into bed, and we stopped at WalMart for some groceries.

We’re looking forward to our days here . . . visiting with Katy, Shane & Jaxon . . . and seeing some of the sights of Charleston!

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