Monday, November 12, 2012

Two beautiful days at the beach!


Sunday was absolutely beautiful (sunny & 70s), so after mass we came back to the campground and I sat in the sun by the pool while Nick & Bryce swam in the freezing cold water again.

When they had enough of that, Nicolas decided that it would be a good day to take Casey for a swim in the ocean.


We’re not sure if she doesn’t like the crashing of the waves on the beach, or if she’s trying to protect the boys from them . . . but whatever it is, she jumps right into the waves and tries to bite them.


She didn’t stay in long, but was always ready to jump right back in!


She drank quite a bit of saltwater, and although it didn’t seem to bother it at the time, it sure upset her stomach later!


These two have almost the same look on their faces . . . lol!


Monday was another great day, and our neighbors were down fishing at the saltwater pond in the campground.  Tom took his coffee down there to watch, and came back to tell us that they were catching crabs.


I walked down in time to see this one get pulled out of the water . . .


It’s not quite big enough, so it’ll have to go back in the water.  But first, Larry demonstrates how he can put them “to sleep”,


and, sure enough, it just lays there on its back for a few minutes!


Eventually, it woke up, flipped over, and crawled back into the water!  The next one big enough to keep . . .


Bryce finished up his schoolwork about then, and decided to join the fishermen at the pond.


He spent the whole afternoon trying to catch a crab, and had one latch on to his minnow several times.  Larry showed him how to stomp on his minnow once it died, so that the blood would attract the crabs, and he kept casting his line.


They were just about ready to wrap up for the day, when Bryce started reeling his in, quietly saying that he had something on there . . .


He brought it in, and Jesse got the net ready . . .













Sure enough, it was a big one, and Jesse had to put it to sleep so he could get it untangled from the net.


He got it out of the net, and showed Bryce how to hold it so that he wouldn’t wake it up and get pinched . . .


Yea!  Bryce caught his first crab!  And it’s still holding onto the minnow!


No, he didn’t eat it . . . we added it to the catch that the neighbors took home . . . they cleaned them all for their dinner tomorrow.

Another new experience, thanks to our full-timing lifestyle!


  1. Myrtle Beach looks glad you are enjoying your time there! Fun in the sunshine on the beach, life can't get much better than that!

  2. So sunny and gorgeous... and those crabs!!

  3. That looks like a heck of a lot of fun!


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