Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We got up early this morning and finished our family project of painting the tram bridge.  Today was the pedestrian walkway, so we needed to get a really early start, so that it would be dry before the crowds picked up in the afternoon.

We were out there at 8 am, which gave us an hour before the tram started running, and we made good progress.  We actually were just about finished before we had too many people walking to the beach, so we didn’t have too much trouble.

We set up cones to try to keep people off the fresh paint, but I’m not sure how well that worked – they don’t pay too much attention!

Back at the RV, the boys and I got back to work and school while Tom took care of some little maintenance issues on the RV.  Nothing major – just a few light bulbs and some caulking.

Later in the afternoon, our neighbor was putting her kayak in the water and asked Bryce if he wanted a lesson in kayaking.  He put on his bathing suit and joined her at the edge of the canal.  She showed him how to get in and out of the kayak, and how to paddle, and then it was his turn!

Bryce getting kayak lesson

After successfully getting into the kayak, he paddled around in the canal for a few minutes.

Getting the hang of it

Yesterday, there were manatees hanging out in this area, so he was keeping an eye out for them!

On the lookout for manatees

He got the hang of it pretty easily, and didn’t even get wet!  Now, he just needs to convince Nick to try it, too, so he has somebody to go kayaking with!


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