Friday, April 5, 2013

Catching Up

We’ve moved quite a distance, covering about 800 miles in a week! 

Alabama - a new state for us!

Welcome to Louisiana!

Day 91_A LONG drive to Texas







We enjoyed our last few days with our new friends in Magnolia Springs, at the end-of-season picnic put on by the RV Park,

Cooking burgers at the picnic

and playing games with Woody and Santa.



When it was time for us to move on, they came over to watch Tom and the boys pack up the garage,


and we said our good-byes.  Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!


We drove across Alabama, across Mississippi, and into Louisiana . . . where we decided to spend Easter weekend at Bayou-Segnette State Park in New Orleans. 

The drive to the park was a little hectic, since we had to drive through New Orleans

Downtown New Orleans

and across this bridge!


We made it to the park, though, and got one of the last open spots for the weekend!

Bayou-Segnette_site 66

We had a nice couple of days exploring the area – see our posts on the French Quarter and Jean Lafitte Barataria Preserve – and spent the rest of the time getting ready for Easter.

We colored eggs,


made Easter Bread,

Day 87_Easter Bread - Yum!

and enjoyed our “Easter Baskets”.



We had planned to take the Algiers Ferry over to the French Quarter again on Sunday morning to go to mass at St. Louis Cathedral, but due to the heavy fog, we found that the ferry wasn’t running in the morning.  We had to quickly come up with a “Plan B” and find our way across the river and find a place to park.  We lucked out and got a place on a side street near the Cathedral, and made it to mass in plenty of time to get a seat.

Day 90_St. Louis Cathedral

Sunday was another busy day in the French Quarter, but we had seen enough, so we headed back to the Algiers Ferry, which was running by then, and put the car on for the ride back across the river.


Again, the ride was FREE . . . I don’t know how they do that!

Rain was expected later Sunday afternoon, so as our ham baked in the crockpot, we got the garage packed up to save us some time on Monday.  This allowed us to get an early start for our drive to Texas, but it was still a really LONG day!  We covered 420 miles and spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.

We were originally going to an RV Park in Kerrville, but Tom had gotten a call from a guy looking for some help at Top of the Hill RV Resort in Boerne, TX, in the heart of the Hill Country, so we made that our destination.

We arrived early on Tuesday afternoon, and were all settled in before the thunderstorms moved in Tuesday night and Wednesday.  Yesterday, the sun came back out and warmer temperatures moved in, and I was finally able to get some nice pictures of our home for the next month.


We’re not quite at the top of the hill, but we’ve still got a great view in our “backyard”!

Day 92_Our backyard view from the Top of the Hill










So, there we are . . . all caught up and ready to start exploring the Hill Country!


  1. guys have been making tracks!!! What a wonderful view of the hill country. Have fun and can't wait to hear more about that area:)

  2. Beautiful pics. I hope you made time to visit the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Twenty five years later I still remember their hot chocolate. Mmmmm...


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