Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving On

The short-term workamping situation was not working out quite as we had expected, so we made the decision to leave that RV Park and continue our travels west.  We weren’t quite done exploring the Hill Country, though, so we didn’t want to move too far.

We're in a valley along the river

We found the Junction North Llano River RV Park, about 80 miles away, and made that our destination.  We packed up this morning and made our departure without incident.  It was an easy drive west on I-10 and we arrived in Junction by 11:30.  The RV Park was easy to find, and we got checked in and set up on site #46.

Site 46

Our site is a nice long, level pull-thru with a covered patio.  When we left Boerne this morning, it was cool and overcast, but by the time we got set up here, the clouds were gone and it had warmed up considerably.

Nicolas, Tom and I took Casey for a walk around the campground, and along the river.

Walking along the river

She hasn’t had a swim in quite a while, so we let her go in the river and chase some sticks.

Casey gets to go for a swim

She loved getting cooled off, and was happy to be in the water!

We continued our walk, noticing all of the pecan trees around the park.

Sites along the North Llano River


After taking Casey back to the RV, and brushing all of the burrs out of her fur, Nicolas and I grabbed a ziplock bag and went out to pick some pecans.  He decided that he wanted to make fudge, so we needed quite a few!

Pecan Tree

Once we had picked our pecans, we had to break them open with rocks – carefully so that we didn’t mash the pecan meat!

Cracking open pecans

We ended up with a decent bowl of pecans to use in our fudge.

Freshly picked pecans

After dinner – which we were finally able to enjoy outside – I made a batch of brown sugar fudge (didn’t have cocoa!!) . . . it’s still cooling, but it looks pretty good!

Brown Sugar-Pecan Fudge

I think we’re going to enjoy our few days here!  It’s a nice little RV Park, very quiet, and down in a valley so we’re protected from the Hill Country winds.


  1. Ooooh!!!! If you haven't made it Coopers yet, there's one in Junction, too! Enjoy your stay!

  2. Never heard of brown sugar fudge...but it looks good!!

    1. It tastes alot like the pecan pralines that you get everywhere in Charleston and Savannah, but with a more creamy, fudge-like consistency.

  3. I've never heard of that either, but it looks delicious. Even better that you made it from scratch.


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