Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthdays, Mother’s Day & Travel Day

Happy Mother’s Day to our Moms!  We missed being with both of them today, but they were well taken care of by the rest of the families!

Here’s my Mom with the flowers that we sent:


Not only is it Mother’s Day today, but Tom and I are also celebrating our birthdays!  Since we would be travelling today, I made a nice spaghetti dinner yesterday, and we had birthday cake.

Birthday celebration!

So today we moved . . . through Albuquerque on I-40 and I-25, to MN550.  What a great road!  We were so glad that we followed the recommendations we had gotten to take this road!  It was 4 lanes, divided, and as smooth as can be!

Rock Layers

It also travels through some of the most beautiful scenery we have scene on a travel day!  I was going crazy – having to drive and not being able to take pictures!

Indian Reservation

So, I made Bryce put away his DVD player and get out my camera!

He got some pretty good shots!

New Mexico Mountains


Scenic Drive











Layers of rock

As we got closer to Colorado, we started seeing snow-capped mountains in the distance!

Into the mountains

There also started to be more grass and trees, and not as much desert!

Snow on the mountain peaks

Then, we were leaving New Mexico and entering Colorado!

Hasta la Vista


Welcome to Colorado!









Getting closer!

We were beginning to wonder if we would be turning before we got to those mountains, or travelling over them!!









We made the turn on Colorado Hwy 160, and headed west towards Mancos.  Following the directions, it was an easy drive to the campground where we’ll be spending the next couple of months!

Mountains in the background

We have a nice, big site, and those mountains are still right there behind us!  We’re surrounded by open ranchland, too . . . we think it’s going to be a beautiful place to spend much of the summer!

Our backyard!

Now that we’re settled in, I’ll get caught up on those Albuquerque posts!


  1. Happy Birthday to you both!!! Your site looks like it sits in the middle of some gorgeous scenery! I can't wait to see how your summer goes...looks like another beautiful place to spend some time:o))

  2. Happy Birthday to you both and Happy Mother's day too!
    gorgeous scenery on your journey to Colorado!

  3. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to you both. It looks like you have a beautiful place to spend some time. If you get a chance and like Puebloan ruins drive back down to Chaco Canyon and spend a day. It is a wonderful area. Don't try to take your RV there though because the road in is very rough unless they have done a lot of maintenance to it recently.

  4. Isn't it awesome to see those snowy peaks rising down the road in front of you? I will always love that sight. Enjoy your summer there, we're quite happy to have finally made it to our summer destination!

  5. Just recently there ... the new visitor's center at Mesa Verde is wonderful! My daughter is at Ft Lewis College in Durango ... great school if your boys are college shopping!


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