Friday, May 24, 2013

Just hanging out

By the end of our first week here at this higher elevation, Tom and I realized that we hadn’t been drinking enough water and we were starting to feel the effects of the altitude!  So, we’ve been taking it easy the last few days, drinking a lot more water, and just hanging out at the campground – other than going into Mancos to do laundry and pick up a pizza.  We’re feeling a lot better now!

Jack on the banjoThere are a few more workampers here now, and on Monday we had a potluck dinner.  One couple made BBQ brisket, and everybody else brought side dishes and desserts – YUM!!

One of the guys even provided a little entertainment!


We had a cold front come through earlier in the week, and had some chilly nights – one night our furnace even came on because it was too cold for the heat pump!  It’s getting warmer now, though, and tonight we had several of the other workampers join us for a campfire – it was a really beautiful evening!

Workamper Gathering

Nicolas and Tom gathered some more firewood around the campground, and Nicolas went to work splitting it as much as he could . . .

Lumberjack Nicolas









that big stump ended up going into the fire as is, and it lasted all night!

With all the clouds earlier in the week, we had some really spectacular sunsets . . .

May 20th_Sunset

and the colors in the sky were incredible!

May 20th_colorful sky

We’ve also had visitors the last couple mornings, and today I finally caught them with my camera!

Morning Visitor


My, what big ears you have!










The boys have been working hard at school this week, getting things finished up for the year, and Tom and I are feeling better, so we’re all ready to enjoy the long weekend and do some exploring! 

Happy Memorial Day – and welcome to summer!


  1. Glad you're adjusting to the altitude...that can take some time. Sure looks like a wonderful place to spend the summer!!!

  2. Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Enjoyed a day at the lake w/Sandi & Mom for the day with Dee, Dan, Deb and Charlie. Went shopping at the outlets for awhile and a nice dinner. Home at 8:30pm. Work today for me!


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