Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dodging Rain in Missouri again!

The weather reports for Wednesday and Thursday weren’t great, but it was dry when we got up on Wednesday, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to put another 200 miles behind us.

The drive to Cuba, MO was dry and uneventful, and we arrived at the Ladybug RV Park with plenty of time left in the day for school and work.

Ladybug RV Park

Fall Colors


The RV Park was small and basic, but it was quiet and at $13.50 (PA rate), it was a good deal!

We settled in for the evening, and never did get any of the rain that had been predicted!







On Thursday, after taking care of some work and school, we decided to go ahead and make another move.  We had just finished hitching up when the drizzle started!

We had on/off rain all day, but only a few bursts of heavy rain, and no severe weather – although the sky was pretty threatening at times.

Rainy Drive

The fall colors along the way were really beautiful – I think we’re seeing Missouri at peak leaf season!

Fall Colors

We made a quick stop at a rest area outside Springfield, and despite the rain, I just had to take a few pictures.  It was really cute – all of the picnic shelters were made to look like Route 66 businesses!

Route 66 Rest Area

We arrived at the Big Red Barn RV Park in Carthage, MO in the rain, but had a small window of time to get unhitched.  We had heard that this was a Passport Park, but apparently they stopped accepting Passport, yet they still add on all the “extra charges" to the base rate.  Overall, the park was disappointing, so we decided to just stay the one night, and then move down the road to another RV Park for the weekend.

On Friday, we went to 7am mass for all Saints Day, and then got packed up for our 4 mile move.

We arrived at Coachlight RV Park, and were pleasantly surprised to see how nice it was!  Coachlight RV









Arriving at Coachlight RV

Nice wide roads










The weather had improved, too, and we were finally seeing the sun and blue skies again!

We checked in at the office and quickly got set up on site 52 . . .

Office and Laundry

Coachlight RV_Site 52











. . . in plenty of time for Nicolas to get into his Physics class on time!

This park is right off the freeway, but it’s pretty, and quiet,

Campground View

and seems to be a popular spot to stop on the journey west.  It’s been almost full all weekend!  The campground is owned by an RV Dealer, and is conveniently located just behind the dealership.  Nicolas was glad to have some free time on Friday afternoon to tour a few RV’s (not that we’re in the market yet!!)

RV Shopping

We spent the weekend exploring Carthage and Joplin (and watching football), but those will need to be separate blog posts!  Tomorrow we move on again – Oklahoma – Bryce wants to get through there quickly, even though I explained that they don’t usually get tornadoes in the fall!


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at Coachlight. We've stopped there a couple of times for RV supplies and have admired the park but the time wasn't right to stay. Next time, we'll have to stop! We hope you make some time to stop in OKC. (No tornadoes this time of year!) The memorial is touching, Bricktown is fun and the Cowboy Museum is very interesting. We even found great sushi there! :-) Twin Fountains is a dandy park, too. Safe travels!

  2. Great looking pictures. Tom looked too comfortable in that A class. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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