Friday, November 8, 2013

Following Route 66 from Oklahoma, to Texas, to New Mexico


We left our casino boondocking spot in the drizzle and stopped at the Route 66 Museum on our way out of town . . .

Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK

Tom only took up half of their parking lot!

RV Parking at the Route 66 Museum

Good thing we arrived right when they opened, and they weren’t too crowded!  We did notice some guy taking video of the RV, though . . . turns out he was from Spain!

I took a few pictures outside, while the boys headed inside to check out the Camaro.     DSC_0496









Checking out the Camaro

The museum is set up by decade – 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s,

Postcard collage

and highlights the evolution of Route 66 as well as the lifestyle, cars, and travels of people in each decade.






They had lots of great displays – we learned about trucking, bus travel, and how Route 66 developed and then was replaced.


Waiting for the bus

Nicolas and Bryce saw a diner, and a soda fountain, and even a phone booth!

Hi Mom!

66 Diner

Bryce making milkshakes











Missouri Family Reunion -- we had one of those!

Each decade display included a “scrapbook” of the era – including photographs and memories, as well as prices of cars, houses, groceries, gas.

This page showed cousins gathering for a Family Reunion in Missouri . . . hey, we had one of those this year!






There were lots of cool cars, too – like these popular travel vehicles!

Now that's a hippie bus!

The family truckster!










We ended our tour with a video of the revitalization of Route 66 – and we’re glad to be a part of it!

The end of an era . . . but not really

Back in the lobby/gift shop, we picked up some postcards, stickers for the car and truck, and a T-shirt for Nicolas . . . and we posed for our picture!

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

A few more pictures from the Lobby . . .




Hey, they even have a quilt!

We really enjoyed the Museum, and we were glad we took the time to stop, but it was time to get moving.  As we were approaching Texas, I had Bryce get the camera out so he could get a picture of the Texas sign . . . and we saw this guy . . .

OK, I don't go this far . . . but I guess I would if driving alone!

He should have waited to get this next sign!


As we continued into Texas the rain stopped, and eventually the clouds cleared, too.  We had a great day of Route 66 sightings, too!

When we stopped for fuel in Shamrock, Bryce and I were able to get a picture of the Conoco Tower,

Conoco Tower - Shamrock, TX

and there were a few more that we caught as we were driving by.

Texas Ranch

Leaning Tower of Groom, TX










Tallest Cross in Western Hemisphere

I love having Bryce drive!  I could follow along in my Route 66 guidebook, and be ready for things before we got to them!  It didn’t work as well when I was driving – see, we pretty much missed the Cadillac Ranch!

Cadillac Ranch - as we drove by!

Amarillo, TX Lunch Stop


It was noon when we stopped for fuel in Shamrock, but instead of getting Subway, we decided to continue on, and stop in Amarillo for a mid-day dinner at the Big Texan Steakhouse.

Time for lunch!

Big Texan Steakhouse

It was a little expensive, but the lunch prices were better than the dinner prices, and the food was good! 

Tom got to meet Elvis, too!

Tom and Elvis

I think steak for lunch was a first for us, and we were all stuffed when we left . . . and no, we did NOT attempt the 72 oz. challenge!



In fact, nobody was taking on the challenge while we were there.  The table of honor was empty!

Nobody taking on the 72 oz. challenge!

We were so full from our meal, that the boys did not even notice the candy counter on the way out  --  and it was impressive!

Candy Smorgasbord - Texas-style

While they got the dog out for a few minutes, Tom and I played tourist!


Big Tex Rex


bullet holes










From Amarillo, we continued our drive west and eventually made our way into New Mexico.

Welcome to New Mexico!

We had one more Route 66 adventure before we stopped for the day, though.  Just over the border into New Mexico is Russell’s Truck Stop.  It has a diner,

Route 66 Diner

really nice bathrooms,

Russell Truck Stop

and a Route 66 Museum that includes and extensive collection of cars!


Russell's Truck Stop

Hot Rods at Russell's

The bright paint and shiny chrome was quite a lure to the boys . . .












but there was more to see besides cars!

Big Boy




The entire perimeter of the room was filled with old trucks and other toys,

I liked the old toys

as well as signs, appliances, and even a few old jukeboxes!


It was another great stop, and rounded out a great “Route 66” day for us!

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