Friday, January 17, 2014

Just hanging out at the campground


We have had fantastic weather here in Phoenix this month, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!  We’ve had mid to upper 70s everyday, with nothing but sunshine, and even the nights are warming up – last night we even left a couple of windows open and turned off the heat pump!

We’ve had some beautiful full moons the last few nights, too!

Full Moon_January 15th




Bryce and I have been taking care of the camphosting duties this week, while Nick and Tom went to the Barrett-Jackson Auction everyday.  It’s pretty quiet during the week, so it hasn’t been too difficult.


With the holiday on Monday, though, and all this beautiful weather, the campground is sure filling up tonight!


The lake levels are rising, too!  Many of these islands and peninsulas are disappearing! 

This first picture is from a few weeks ago, when the water had just started covering the road.


Now it looks like this . . . I think this would be a good place to go swimming . . . almost like a swimming pool, with that asphalt bottom!











Today’s weather was perfect for boating, and there were plenty of people out there taking advantage of it!

Sailboats on the lake


Must be a sailing class











A beautiful day to be on the lake

We’re off duty on the weekends, so once I was done with my work, I took advantage of the great weather to sit in the sun and read a book – aaahhhh!

We had some visitors today, too . . . as we were eating breakfast, Tom noticed these guys on the playground!

Visitors on the playground

We knew there were wild burros around, and they show up in the campground fairly frequently, but we didn’t know there were wild horses, too!          Horse and donkey









Apparently, they live on a neighboring ranch and wander onto the park property sometimes.  Tom and one of the maintenance guys were trying to coax them out of the playground, and eventually got them moving . . .

Tom is trying to shoo them away!

but they weren’t in a big hurry to leave the campground!

Wild horses in the campground

Visiting burro










Later, a cowboy arrived with 2 of his herding dogs to round them up . . . they caused quite a commotion in the campground – three horses and a donkey, running through the campground, being chased by another horse and two dogs!  I don’t know if they ever caught them, but they sure stirred up all the dogs in the campground!  They ran right through our site, and I thought Casey was going to go through the screen door!

It was an exciting start to the day, but things quieted down after that!


  1. So glad someone in this country is enjoying nice weather!! Been a difficult winter in Florida...just too cold to do too many outdoor activties unless you are near the Everglades or south;o((

  2. Wow.. a real rootin tootin roundup right in your campground!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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