Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A couple of nice campsites in Nevada

We didn’t really plan on spending a lot of time in Nevada, but as it turns out, we’re spending most of the month of April here.

From Arizona, we crossed the Colorado River,

Crossing the Colorado River

near the Hoover Dam . . . and into Nevada – a new state for our map!


On that initial trip we drove right on past Las Vegas and up to Pahrump to get us closer to Death Valley.

There were 4 Passport America campgrounds to choose from in Pahrump, and we selected Wine Ridge RV Park & Cottages because it looked like the nicest.  We never did see any of the others, but can’t believe they would have been any nicer than this one.

We checked in and paid our $24 for 2 nights, and drove around to our pull-thru site on Merlot Avenue.

Merlot Ave

The sites are a little narrow, but we still had enough room.

Wine Ridge RV Park - site 909

And once Bryce figured out the correct direction to point the antenna, we even managed to pull in all of the network TV channels!

This was a really nice resort with 2 pools,

Pool #1

Pool #2











cottages in addition to the RV sites,











a clubhouse with a full social calendar, a weight room, and really nice bathroom and laundry facilities.

Laundry Room

They even have a car wash!

Car and RV Wash

Wine Ridge is also home to a winery tasting room and restaurant.  We didn’t have dinner in the restaurant, but Tom and I did go to the tasting room.  Their wine was pretty good!

After our long day at Death Valley, we came back to the park and enjoyed several hours in the hot tub to relieve our weary legs,

Bryce checking out the pool

in the shadow of Mt. Charleston.

Mt. Charleston











After a couple of beautiful sunsets, we moved on to Las Vegas.

Pahrump Sunset

Sunset_April 4th












We didn’t really have any interest in visiting Las Vegas, but it was the most convenient location for flying back and forth to Michigan.  We looked at several RV Parks close to town, but most were nothing more than a parking lot, so we ultimately chose the Lake Mead RV Village at Boulder Beach.

Lake Mead RV Village

It’s inside the National Park, so it was a good thing we already had our national park pass.  We paid for 3 weeks, and got set up on our pull-thru site.

Our site -- 1102

The park is a little older, and there isn’t a pool (which is a bit of a bummer with the 90 degree days we’ve been having!), but it’s peaceful and quiet, and still fairly close to civilization.

Lake Mead

With all the palm trees and azaleas in bloom, it was like a tropical island!







Yep, it’s been a pretty good home base for our time in Vegas, and we’ve even found some fun stuff to do while we’re here!


  1. Nice campgrounds!! While Las Vegas would not be on our list of places to revisit, if you haven't been there through at least take a walk along The Strip to see all the glitz, lights and attractions. It really is way over the top!!!

  2. Was it too warm to do the old rairoad grade hike? Lake Mead really is beautiful even with the bathtub ring. Becki

  3. Looking forward to your Vegas commentary. We spent 10 days there two years ago. We mainly went there to see shows, as we are not at all into gambling.

  4. you found some real 'gems' in Nevada!! thanks for sharing all the information!

  5. You always find the beautiful scenery and places to park.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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