Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moving Day to Kingman, Arizona

On the road to Kingman

High winds and possible rain were predicted to move in this afternoon, so we got an early start to beat the weather.  We were on the road by 8:15 am, and had a beautiful drive to Kingman – no wind, no rain, and no traffic! 

Through the mountains

I was surprised at how scenic the drive was, and was glad Bryce was driving so I could take pictures along the way!  We even passed through a Joshua Tree Forest,

Through the Joshua Tree Forest

so Tom didn’t have to feel bad about missing Joshua Tree National Park this time around.  There was a 30-mile section of Highway 93 that the mountain book described as a “roller coaster ride”, but it wasn’t bad at all.  There were a few steep areas (6%), but the upgrades were balanced by downgrades, and the overall effect was easy and enjoyable.

On the roller coaster section of the road

Apparently there's nothing here!


After a quick pit-stop in Wikieup, we passed through “the middle of nowhere” and continued on to Kingman.

We were out of the mountains then, and starting to see low, dark clouds up ahead.

Clouds moving in

We breezed through Kingman, and made our way west a few more miles to Golden Valley.

Golden Valley

Bryce informed me that there is a “Bryce Road” in Golden Valley, and we saw it!          Bryce found "his road"

There were several RV Parks to choose from in the Kingman area, and we went with a Passport America park for our 2-night stay – Tradewinds RV Park.

Tradewinds RV Park

The folks in the office were really nice, and the park is clean and well-kept.

Tradewinds RV Park, with the Hualapai Mountains in the background

Our site is a pull-thru right behind the recreation building, and we quickly got set up.

Our campsite - C1

We were all starving, so we made a quick lunch and got busy with work and school.  Later, Tom and I took Casey for a walk to check out the rest of the park.  There are vintage tractors and implements randomly placed between rows of campsites – pretty cool!

Old tractors in the RV Park

More tractors










And even an old bathtub!         A bathtub, too




Casey doesn’t mind the old tractors, but she sure doesn’t like the buffalo statue!!


Casey wants nothing to do with that buffalo!

We had a few sprinkles in the afternoon, and the low clouds made for a spectacular sunset . . .

April 2nd sunset

Tomorrow we have some work and school to do in the morning, then we have one more Route 66 adventure planned for the afternoon . . . check back to see where we go!

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