Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunset Tour on Silver Lake

Getting the boats ready for the sunset cruise

The boat rental company in Silver Lake started offering daily free sunset cruises this summer.  I suppose they are doing it to drum up some rental business, but whatever the reason, it’s pretty cool.  They only ask that you tip your driver, who are all college students.

We signed up for the Wednesday evening tour, and arrived at 8:15 to wait to board one of the pontoons. There were a lot of people there!  We thought it was only offered to our campground, but there were people there from other campgrounds, as well, and from hotels, also.

Parade of people going on the tour


The drivers got the pontoon boats ready, loaded them up with life jackets, and the line of people climbed into their assigned boats.

We were ready to go!

Enjoying the ride!

The lake was calm and peaceful, with just a few fishermen out there,

Fishermen on the lake

until our parade of boats headed out there, that is!











The tour took us to the opposite side of the lake, to a large sand dune between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan.

Climbing the dune on the sunset tour

It was pretty steep!

A few people stayed on the boats to enjoy the sunset, but most made the climb to the top of the dune.

Even this older couple made the climb – with help from their very kind tour guide.

One of the drivers helping these folks up the dune -- so thoughtful!

The view from the top of the dune was spectacular!

Sunset over the dunes

Silver Lake










OHV Area of the dunes

While we waited for the sun to set, the drivers took pictures of all the groups.

Enjoying the sunset from the top of the dune!

Watching the sun set over Lake Michigan.

Sunset_August 6th

Lake Michigan Dunes Sunset











Another view

Almost gone!











Once the sun had disappeared into the lake, it was time to make our way back down the dune to the boats . . . some walked down carefully, and others  . . . not so carefully!

Running down the dune












Tom even thought he might get into the act . . . NOT!  We don’t need any broken bones!     Tom's going to try running . . . NOT!








Back at the boats, everybody loaded up, and it was a race to be first back to the dock.

Loading up the boats

Our driver, Nathan

Our driver, Nathan, was determined to win the race, so even though we weren’t the first to leave the dune he quickly overtook the other boats.

Once we were in the lead, the rest of the ride was a leisurely tour of the lake.

Moon rising over the lake

We rode past the state park and cottages on our way back to the dock,

Cottages on the lake

leaving the pink sky behind us.


As all of the pontoons arrived back at the dock, peace and solitude returned to the lake.

Peaceful evening on the lake

What a great way to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

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