Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sunsets and Graduation

The other reason we stayed at Haas Lake Campground was that it was conveniently located just down the street from a Lyon Township Park where I was able to rent a picnic shelter for Nicolas’ Graduation Party with some of our old friends and neighbors.

The Graduate!

It was a beautiful afternoon, and even with a little bit of wind we were able to get everything set up under the picnic shelter.

There was plenty of food!

Lots of food!

Nicolas' Cake


Wouldn’t you know it, I took a few pictures while we were setting up, and then I set my camera down as everybody started arriving and forgot to pick it back up!  So, no pictures of anybody at the party!!

Sad smile

We had a really nice time, though, and it was great to see everybody who came out for the afternoon – some that we haven’t seen in a year or two, since we headed out on the road!

Other than Nick’s party, we just visited with family and the boys took care of some yard work around Grandpa’s house and Grandma’s house.  Nicolas also checked in with his recruiter, and attended a meeting with the other recruits. 

Sunset_August 14th


We stayed 2 weeks at Haas Lake, and enjoyed some beautiful summer weather . . . and the time just flew by!









Sunset over the lake

The back area of the campground is newer than the rest, and it’s starting to look pretty nice.  The grass has filled in quite a bit, and there’s a pretty nice little beach on this lake.

Cattails along the lake

Peaceful Lake











We were surrounded by a neighborhood, an elementary school, and a sod farm!

Sod Farm

But . . . the roads are still dirt, including the main road coming into the park, and my drive to and from work (even if it is only 2 days/week) is still a nightmare from here, and it’s too far from my Mom . . . so we’ll be going back to Camp Lord Willing (where we stayed last year) in Monroe when we get back from our “camping days” in western Michigan and northern Indiana.


  1. Congratulations Nicholas!!

    We wish you the very best and know you have a bright and exciting future ahead:o)) Oh and we hope you get a very "impractical" car eventually;o))

  2. Congratulations Nicolas...Good luck with all your future pursuits!!!


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