Sunday, November 16, 2014

Family Celebrations

We’re still in Michigan . . . and it’s getting a little wintery!!

Bryce doesn’t mind!

bryce snow

Birthday balloons


Last week, Katy & Shane and the kids came to town and we all got together to celebrate the little guy’s first birthday.


We all gathered at Deby’s house for dinner and enjoyed the antics of all the little kids running around.


Going for a ride on the tractor














Soon, it was time for presents . . .

Opening presents

with some help!

Takes an engineer to figure out some of these toys!























Next came cake . . . while we all enjoyed the delicious cake, Graysen dug in like a true 1-year-old!




He started out so clean!

All done!

Mmm . . . frosting!

Love those big blue eyes!!

Then a bath in the kitchen sink, and he’s all cleaned up!

All clean!

Jaxon likes the big boys!


Jaxon enjoyed the party, too . . . and liked playing with the big cousins!








The old folks enjoyed the party, too . . . and I guess it was a little too much excitement for Donnie!


We’re down to the final countdown of days we have left with Nicolas . . . he almost got our schedule all messed up by getting into some poison ivy a couple weeks ago, but we quickly got him some medication and got it cleared up in time!

Last week was his 7-day check-in, and he got the “all clear” . . . whew!!

Since then, he’s gotten all of his stuff packed up in his car and at my Mom’s house, we’ve enjoyed a few of his favorite meals, and spent some time relaxing at home.

Enjoying his last days at home!

Tom and the boys are done working around the campground, and we’ve been packing up and preparing for our trip south.

The garage is packed up, the tires are aired up, and the oil is changed in the car.  There isn’t much trip-routing to do . . . get on I-75 in Monroe and get off I-75 in Ft. Myers!  Not the most exciting or scenic trip, but if it’s uneventful, we’ll be happy . . . and we’re ready to get back into the warm weather!!

With the frigid temperatures we’ve had the last few days, and will have all this week, we’ve been burning through propane at a pretty brisk pace.  We keep the furnace at 60 degrees at night and 65 degrees during the day, and with the outside temp in the 20s and 30s, one of our 30-lb. bottles lasts about 3 days.  We don’t have any previous experience to compare this to, but it seems to be pretty consistent with what others have experienced around here.

This past weekend we had a couple of “Going-Away” dinners for Nicolas . . . and the rest of us.  Friday night with Tom’s family, and Saturday with mine.












We had some more Jaxon and Graysen time . . .





the boys got to play some more cards,

The card players

and everybody said good-bye and good luck to Nicolas.

Nick with Aunt Diane

The boys with Grandma

We had a really nice send-off for him, but I can hardly believe that he’s going to leave us in a couple days!  We’re all going to miss him so much!

It’s time, though . . . we need to get out of Michigan!



  1. Best Wishes to Nicolas, safe travels to all and keep that crazy SNOW in Michigan!!!

  2. Only the best for all of you but especially for Nicolas.
    We'll be seeing you Marci, Tom and Bryce around Ft. Myers in February.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. 30# in three days, so $250/mos for propane? What are the nightly temps? Glad I'm in the Sonoran Desert again.

  4. For the last several days, and for the rest of this week, we've had highs in the 20s and 30s, and lows in the teens/20s . . . thankfully we only have a few more days of this, and then we'll be headed to Florida! There is also a Tractor Supply just down the street where we can fill a 30# bottle for $16.91 . . . not bad!

  5. Bet you will not be missing those temps, but surely missing Nicholas. Thanks in advance for his commitment & service to our great country. Enjoy warmer Florida!


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