Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Parties

Halloween Party

As is often the case in Michigan, winter arrived along with Halloween . . . we had windy, COLD, weather . . . and even a few snow flurries . . . although not as much snow as they got in the Smokey Mountains!

We went to my sister’s house for Halloween to pass out candy to all the little kiddies in their neighborhood . . . but there weren’t too many kids out trick-or-treating!  The rain and cold kept most of them inside, I guess . . . can’t say that I blame their parents . . . I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out in that!

On Saturday, the campground had a big Halloween Party for everyone in the park and surrounding area.  With the cold weather, the guys spent much of the day enclosing the pavillion to keep the wind out.

Keeping out the wind

Tom and the boys had cut down several dead trees earlier in the week to stockpile enough wood for a good bonfire.


Unfortunately, they all ended up with a nasty case of poison ivy from those trees, and as usual, Nicolas got the worst of it!  With his ship date coming up very soon, we need to get this cleared up quickly, so I called the doctor to get him a prescription for steroids to battle the rash.  He’s not quite out of the woods yet, but he’s getting there!

We joined the crowd at the party,

Getting set up for the party









and soon it was time to line up for dinner.  There was tons of food,

Lots of food!

and they even had a DJ playing music.

They even had a DJ!

We stayed long enough for dinner . . . which was excellent . . . but then we left.  There were lots of activities planned for the evening, and they partied until almost midnight, but we had another party to go to.

Saturday was also the date of my brother-in-law, Charlie’s, annual bonfire.  They are just a few short miles down the road from the campground, so we headed down there after dinner.  We got there just in time to see the fire go up!

Charlie got the fire going











Debbie got Tom to stand in front of it for size reference . . .

Tom's dark side

On a brighter note . . .











. . . nobody else was getting that close!!

Gathering around the fire

As cold as it was that night, it was a beautiful night around the fire!

That's a big bonfire!


  1. Sounds like a great time, love those bonfires and the change of seasons, I kind of miss 'em but.... not enough yet to pull the rig back there. St. Louis often had the same kind of abrupt change in late Oct. Winter with a vengeance.


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