Monday, February 9, 2015

Art Fest Ft. Myers

ArtFest 2015



On Saturday, we went out to dinner with Tim & Denise at Sonny’s BBQ, but returned to the RV Resort in time for the evening show – Magic with Harry.

It was a good show – good magic, and very entertaining! 


While there, we learned that there was an Art Festival going on in Ft. Myers, so we made plans to go downtown after church on Sunday.

We tried a different church this weekend (one that I saw when taking Bryce to the ACT Test on Saturday morning), and ended up sitting next to an RVing couple from Toledo . . . what a small world!  Two of their daughters even went to the same high school as me!  We talked with them while we enjoyed coffee and cookies after mass, and then Tom, Bryce and I made our way downtown.

A beautiful day for an Art Fair!


It was a beautiful morning, and we found a parking spot just a couple of blocks up from the marina.

We walked past the historic Edison Theatre,

Historic Theatre

and down to the waterfront.

There were a variety of interesting booths in the fair,

Interesting Sculptures

Lots of people admiring the art










Beautiful glass

but nothing that we needed to buy . . . or even were really tempted by! 

Tom did like these puppets, though . . .  they were really realistic looking, and actually not too expensive!

These puppets were pretty cool

This was a pretty nice Art Fair, but tiny compared to the Ann Arbor Art Fair – it only too us about an hour to walk through the whole thing. 

Posing with puppies!


We saw lots of strollers as we walked around . . . but none of them had kids in them . . . they all were carrying dogs!!  I have never seen so many dogs in strollers!! LOL

There were even little dogs posing for a pictures with this mascot!






In the middle of the Art Fair, there was a chalk art competition between students from the local high schools, sponsored by Truly Nolen – a local exterminator.


With then as the sponsor, it was no surprise that the theme of the competition was “Bugs on Vacation”.

Chalk Art Contest

They were all really good!

Artist at work

Bryce especially liked the ones that went with the entire bug theme and included a VW bug . . .

Bryce liked this one!

Many popular vacation destinations were represented!












There were also a few professionally-done chalk drawings . . . but it really was difficult to tell them apart!

Bugs on vacation

We’d had our fill of the Art Fair, and had started making our way back to the beginning when I spotted these two guys sitting on a wall – probably waiting for their wives to finish shopping! 

Two old guys, probably waiting on their wives!


They bore such an eerie resemblance to two of my brothers-in-law (10 years from now!), that I just had to take a picture of them!!

So funny!!








On the way back to the car, we stopped for a quick slice of pizza for lunch.          Pizza slices for lunch!

It was really good!







Back at the RV Resort, we spent the afternoon relaxing at the pool . . . aaahhh!  What a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon!

After dinner, I packed up my laundry and we all went over for a dish of homemade ice cream.  I was busy getting my laundry started and missed out on the chocolate ice cream, which I heard was exceptionally good, but the vanilla was pretty good, too!

Ice Cream Servers


  1. Love the chalk artwork and homemade ice cream...YUM!!

  2. great day in the those sidewalk drawings..very talented artists!


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