Thursday, April 9, 2015

A couple of nice celebrations

Full Moon

Full Moon


There’s been a steady stream of RVers moving out over the last couple of weeks, and it’s really starting to quiet down around here . . . but try to drive through Ft. Myers on a Friday afternoon, and you’ll doubt if anybody has left town!!

Our time here is winding down too, and we’ve been wrapping up a few projects that we’ve got going, and getting a list of maintenance items ready to be done over the summer.




Even with temperatures reaching into the 90s, it’s been quiet at the pool!

Pool corridor at night












I took time out on Saturday to make our Easter Bread, even though I’ll probably have to make it again when we get to Charleston . . . it’s Nicolas’ favorite!

Easter Bread

Bryce's Easter Stash


We sent some Easter treats to Nicolas with his quilt, and Bryce got his own little stash . . . can you guess what his favorite Easter candy is??  We had to get a box of each color!








The organized activities in the Resort are done for the season, but Bryce still has a small group to play pickleball with a few morning a week, and we had enough people to get together for an Easter potluck dinner.  The resort offered to supply a few hams for dinner, but the Activity Director wasn’t going to be here, so Tom and I offered to take charge of the dinner.

We got the hams in roaster pans when we got back from church, and decorated the tables with “Easter nests”.  At 1pm, everyone started to gather for some social time,

Easter dinner

Easter Buffet


and Bryce made sure that the buffet table was ready.  As usual with a potluck, we had LOTS of delicious food!

Nobody left hungry, and Bryce got a full container of ham to have for lunch all week . . . but fortunately we ate dinner early enough that everyone was ready to go back in the evening for the Sunday night treat – homemade ice cream! 





It’s time to start clearing out the refrigerators and freezers, too, so when the Activity Director noticed a whole case of frozen hamburger patties, she decided to have a Pool Party/Cookout on Wednesday.  With temperatures reaching the 90s this week, it was a good day to be at the pool!

Several of the guys fired up the grill, and in addition to burgers, they also grilled bacon and mushrooms to put on the burgers . . . delicious!

Alittle bit of smoke

It may have been a little smoky, but the burgers were great!

Grilling burgers











Once again, there was no shortage of food, and we had a great turnout on this beautiful afternoon!

Ready for a BBQ!

Our friends from home, Todd & Sue, and their kids Josh and Kylie, are visiting Ft. Myers Beach for spring break this week, so they joined us for the cookout and pool party, and spent the afternoon at the resort.

We visited them at the beach, too, but that will be a blog post of it’s own!

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