Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Florida beach fun!

Crashing waves

On Sunday, we packed a picnic lunch and headed over to Sebastian Inlet State Park.  The park has a campground and a little beach on a cove on the Indian River, but we wanted to be on the ocean side, so we went to the free beach.  There’s a parking lot with restrooms, and it’s just a short walk over the dune to the beach.

It’s a really quiet beach, with just a few fishermen around,

Surf fishing



and a few people in the water.

The people just down the beach from the beach from us were staring out at the horizon when we got there, and when we stopped to talked to them a few minutes later they said, “Did you see the whales?” . . . but we hadn’t . . . bummer!






Bryce was working on his tan while Tom and I walked along the beach,

Merman on the beach

and with the nice breeze coming off the water it didn’t feel hot, even though it was 85 degrees out!

We watched a lady trying to get her yellow lab into the water, but he was having nothing to do with it . . . it was so funny . . . she was trying to pull him into the water, and he just kept pulling back on the leash!  He was bigger than her, and she eventually gave up and let him go lay down in the sand!

After a while, Bryce decided to check out the water.

Merman with legs

The water still looked pretty calm at that point . . . and it was so clear & blue!


Cold?  Not really . . . maybe a few degrees cooler than the Gulf . . . but still warmer than Lake Michigan gets!


We saw a few pelicans searching for fish.


The waves were starting to creep up on Bryce!


Tom thought about joining him in the water . . .


but there were some dark clouds moving in, and we started to get a few raindrops! 

Rain moving in

Everybody was packing up their stuff, so we did, too.

By the time we got back to the car, though, the rain had pretty much stopped!  We were already in the car, though, so we decided to move down to another beach, closer to town.

We followed the pelicans.


This beach was closer to the Vero Beach Resorts (actually, right next to the Vero Beach Disney Resort), and a little more populated, but still not crowded.

In the first spot we picked, we almost got soaked by a rogue wave . . . so we moved back some more!  The tide was coming in, and the beach was shrinking!

The waves looked like fun, so Tom convinced Bryce to go in the water . . .

Testing the water

they tried to get me to go in, too, but I’d rather stand back and take pictures.  Even where I was, I got hit by several waves!

They had fun!

Playing in the waves

Getting braver

Bryce was a little more daring than Tom!

Fun in the waves

Watch out Bryce!











He was having fun getting knocked around by the waves!

He looks dizzy . . .



They would come out for a few minutes to rest, but then they would go right back in!

That looks like fun!










Oops!  There goes Tom’s hat!

There goes Tom's hat!

He thought it was gone, but one of the boys swimming next to them spotted it and was able to grab it!     DSC_0369


It turned out to be a beautiful day at the beach, and after three hours we were all pretty much wiped out, and pretty well fried, too!

Even with all the sun we’ve had all winter, we all burned a little . . . the sun is so much more intense this time of year!

Waves are getting bigger

It was a good day, though, and back at the RV Park, we jumped in the pool to cool off a little before making dinner.  Then, to finish off the day . . . Dairy Queen!  YUM!


  1. Glad to see that sun and warm weather was with you at Sebastian Inlet. We were there for a week this winter and it was really cold and gray;o(( Lovely place and we will be back there next winter hunting for the sun!!!

    Safe Travels...

  2. We were surprised with the Atlantic beaches as well but used them more for people watching. Bryce seemed to be enjoying himself.
    Glad you didn't get hit with too much rain.
    Looking forward to seeing you in NC.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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