Friday, May 8, 2015

Exploring Beaufort


So, is it “bew-fort” or “bo-fort” . . . we’re not sure, but it is a cute little town.  On Monday, after Bryce got caught up on his reading for English, we decided to take a drive up the coast – through Morehead City, to the little coastal town of Beaufort.

There are a few shops and restaurants, and old houses overlooking the water,     Coastal House in Beaufort

More houses



as well as a Marina.  We walked through some of the shops, and then along the dock at the Marina, admiring the boats.

Walking along the docks










Checking out the boats

There were a lot of really big sailboats!

Boats in the Harbor

That's a BIG catamaran!




The Marina area is really pretty,

Pretty flowers at the Marina

and there is an old boathouse that is still in operation.  It looked really cool inside!     Inside the Boat Shop










We walked past a rack of cute rental bikes,

Cute rental bikes

and this memorial for the Pilot of the Space Shuttle Challenger, who was from Beaufort.     Pilot of the Space Shuttle Challenger

As we walked along the Marina and through the shops, there was another couple that we kept running into.  They were from North Carolina, and frequent visitors to Beaufort.  We asked them which if they had eaten at any of the restaurants, and they responded, “All of them!”

We asked for a recommendation for lunch, and they sent us to Clawson’s . . . with the advice to definitely try the onion rings and seafood bisque.




We made our way over there,


and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner!

Tom tried BOTH the seafood bisque, and the onion rings!

Onion Rings at Clawson's

Another nice day playing tourist!!


  1. All that eating out looks great. That turned into a problem for us around our waists. Glad you guys are enjoying your time together.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  2. We got waylaid there our first year - took a wrong turn and dead-ended into the ongoing Christmas parade. No place to back up and turn around so we got out and enoyed!

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