Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vacationing in North Carolina

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Our moving day from Charleston to Newport, North Carolina was dry and sunny, and uneventful.  The drive along US-17 went well, and we made good time, covering 268 miles in about 5-1/2 hours, with a lunch stop at a rest area.

We’re staying at the Goose Creek RV Resort, which is nice, but kind of pricey for this early in the season (pool doesn’t open until Memorial Day).  We did get the Passport America rate for Sunday – Thursday, so that helps. 

We do get really nice sunsets here, though . . .

Sunset May 2nd

Sunset_May 2nd











We’ve done lots of bike riding,

Lots of roads for bike riding

and the boys have been playing lots of basketball and tetherball.

Playing tetherball


They had been having quite a bit of rain around here, but it was beautiful when we arrived, and was promising great weather all week.

My silly boys!


On Sunday, we went to mass in Swansboro and on the way home found an outdoor market, the Salty Air Market.

Salty Air Market

They had various vendors selling arts and crafts, jewelry, produce and flowers.     Flowers at the market










This is one of the more interesting planters that I’ve seen – even the headlights had flowers in them!

Interesting Planter

At one of the booths, Bryce found some little buddies . . . they were so friendly . . . as soon as you even looked like you might pet them, they came running over!

Lady Pugs

After lunch, we decided to spend the rest of the beautiful day at the beach.  We drove over the Intercoastal Waterway,

Crossing over the Intercoastal Waterway

and landed at the beach at Emerald Isle.  The parking lot was full, but we found a spot on the street just a couple blocks away.  We grabbed all our stuff and walked to the beach . . .

Busy day at the beach

it was SO crowded!

Oh yeah, it’s the weekend . . . and the first nice weekend they’ve had!

We found an empty spot and laid out our towels.

Soaking up some sun

It was a great day for getting some sun, and for people-watching!

There were quite a few people in the water, even though it was a lot chillier than the water down in Florida!

Lots of people in the water

More people in the water











After laying on the beach for awhile, Nicolas and Bryce got warm enough that they decided to give it a try, too.

Bryce & Nick brave the chilly water

Playing in the water


Bryce was the first one in, but Nicolas soon followed!  Tom and I just watched, while they played in the waves.



I think they were having fun!

Heading into the waves












They got out for a little while,


but quickly went back for more!

Going back for more

The waves got bigger later in the afternoon!















After all that wave action, they ready for some more sun! 

The day is winding down

Poor Nicolas wasn’t quite ready for all that sun, and his back got a little red!  He’s never been one to burn, but he hasn’t spent as much time in the sun as he used to . . . it’ll turn to brown, though; it wasn’t too bad.

They were getting hungry, and we needed to stop at the grocery store on the way back to the RV, so we packed up our stuff and headed out. 

Back at the RV Park, we had dinner, rode bikes for awhile, and enjoyed another beautiful sunset . . .

Sunset_May 3rd

Not a bad start to our vacation week!


  1. Looks like a great start to your vacation!! Enjoy now as this Tropical "Whatever" sure is dumping the rain on us down here in South Carolina:o((

  2. It probably feels good to be back enjoying a family setting for Nicolas as well as for you having everyone home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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