Monday, August 10, 2015

One last day at the beach


Before leaving Camp Helen, we figured we’d get in one more day at the beach.  Saturday was supposed to be nice in the morning, with thunderstorms building up after noon.

Since we were only going for a couple hours, we decided to drive to Inlet Beach, where we could park fairly close, rather than taking the long hike down to the beach at Camp Helen.

It was beautiful when we arrived, with only a few others on the beach.

Pretty day at the beach












The water was clear, and a little bit cooler than it had been – maybe due to the afternoon storms we’d been getting for the last several days.  It was definitely refreshing!  I heard some people calling it cold . . . they don’t know cold!!  This water was still warmer than Lake Michigan EVER is!

Going into the water



Tom remembered to bring the boogie board that somebody had given to us in the Walmart parking lot.  It had a crack across the middle of it, so it wasn’t great, but you could still float on it which let you keep your feet off the bottom and out of the reach of the little fish that kept nibbling on them – they were tormenting Bryce!!







It was a nice yellow-flag day, and we soaked up a few more rays of sunshine.     DSC_0544









Soaking up some sun

As expected, it started clouding up around noon, so we packed up and headed home.  After showers, and one last load of laundry to wash the bathing suits and beach towels, we headed to Santa Rosa Beach for an early dinner before church.

We packed up and got an early start on Sunday . . . too bad it didn’t do us any good!  Not going into details right now, but we’ve been hanging out with our kind and welcoming friends at their place in Atlanta for the last 2 weeks . . . with no departure date in sight yet!

Camp Law

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  1. Even though you are enjoying the warm weather and beaches it doesn't look like you are enjoying being stuck in one spot. Hopefully the truck issues will be resolved soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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