Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stone Mountain Laser Show

Skyride over the mountain

When we arrived in Atlanta, we thought we would be here a week at the most . . . but there was one complication after another, and our stay stretched out.  We kept busy at first, taking care of details like finding an english course for Bryce this year, ordering his books for the upcoming year, and completing his MSU application.

We eventually ran out of business that needed to be taken care of, though, and when I finally had to break down and cancel all of our Michigan reservations for August, I declared that we were going to find some things to do in Atlanta.

I looked up Stone Mountain, and even though most of the “touristy” stuff didn’t appeal to us, we heard that the Laser Show was pretty good.  So Saturday after dinner, we headed over there.

The Laser Show was at 9:30, and we arrived around 7:45, giving us enough time to take a drive around the perimeter of the park.

We only stopped in one spot – across a covered bridge to a little island where there were a picnic area and some hiking trails.

Another view of the bridge


The bridge crossed over a narrow section of a small lake, and it was a beautiful spot.     The covered bridge without Tom









My first attempt at taking a picture of the bridge . . .


There was an older couple sitting at the edge of the water feeding some ducks, so we stopped to talk to them for a few minutes.

Mama and babies

I took some pictures of the lake while we stood there.

Overlooking the lake

Ducks on the lake











It was a beautiful evening.

Peaceful evening

After talking for awhile, we told them that we were headed to the Laser Show, and they gave us some tips on a good spot to park, and which path to take to the lawn where everybody sits for the show.  We said good-bye and headed out.

We parked in the nearly-empty lot that they recommended, and walked down the side road to the lawn seating area.

As we walked, the Skyride passed overhead.

Stone Mountain Skyride


After a short walk, we arrived at the lawn – it was already pretty packed.

Lawn seating for the Laser Spectacular

We found a spot to spread out our blanket, and settled in to wait for the show to start.

Waiting for the laser show

The face of the mountain has a carving of the Confederate Generals on it.  Just last week, there was a protest here because some groups want the carving removed.  Crazy!  The Civil War is part of our American history, and we can’t just wipe out all reminders of it.

Under the lights, the carving really stands out.

Close-up of the carving after dark

The beginning of the laser show had quite a bit of advertising and little bit of a “tourism video” feel to it, but then it got more interesting and truly was pretty spectacular.  There were laser lights, music, fireworks, and burst of fire so hot that we could feel it way back where we were sitting!

We enjoyed it and were glad we came!


  1. Nice post, hope you are having fun...

  2. Glad you are finding things to enjoy while passing time. Hope the truck issues are resolved soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We have spent most of our summer in Ludington, Michigan....loved the area!
    Would love to cross paths sometime....hugs.


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