Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Breaking a World Record

World Record Attempt

810 gallons of ice cream +

800 pounds of chocolate syrup +

600 cans of whipped topping +

2000 Michigan maraschino cherries

= 1/2 MILE long ice cream sundae!

This is another one of those Pure Michigan events that I saw on facebook a while back, and since we were going to be in the area, we planned on attending and doing our part toward eating the ice cream

We arrived in downtown Ludington around 5:30pm, and the crowd was already huge!

Arriving in Downtown Ludington - already crowded!

As we got there, the video crew was just going up in the ladder truck, where they could film the entire 1/2 long sundae trough.

Video crew going up on the ladder truck










We found a spot about halfway down the line


We found a spot about midway on the sundae, where the crowd was still thin enough for us to get up close.


Everything had to be ready, and up to the standards established by Guinness, in order to have a valid attempt at the record.


Work was going on behind the scenes as the volunteers and the crowd waited.


The long line of scoopers waiting to get started 

Wave at the camera!










There was some entertainment, too!

Evening Entertainment


Passing the time by doing the wave!

Some folks had a birds-eye view!

Spectators in the windows and on the roof!

Before the sundae could be constructed, another layer of foil had to be added to the trough, making sure that all of the gutter (which the trough was constructed from) was completely covered in foil.

Adding more foil to the trough

Finally it was almost time to get started . . . the ice cream began to arrive!

The ice cream is arriving!

No scooping until the siren blows!











They couldn’t start scooping yet, though . . . had to wait for the official signal!

Waiting for the signal

The siren signals the beginning of the attempt!  The scooping teams got to work!

Let the scooping begin!

Lots of scoopers!

Ice cream in the trough


All of the ice cream went into the trough, and witnesses checked to make sure all the scoops were touching – that was one of the criteria to make sure it was a CONTINUOUS sundae.



Before the toppings could be added, the official documenter made  his way along the entire have mile of sundae, taking a picture of every 3 foot section.


Documenting for the world record

Once the ice cream scoops were documented, the toppings were added.

Chocolate syrup,

Adding the chocolate syrup

Whipped Topping,

Adding whipped cream

and Maraschino Cherries on top!

Adding the cherry on top!

Then, because all the supplies had to be used (another constraint of the world record), more chocolate syrup and whipped topping was added!

They had to use up everything!


Adding more on top!


Finally, it was finished, and we just had to wait for the official documenter to come back through again.

The finished sundae

Waiting for the final documentation process










Once the documentation was complete, the siren was blown again and it was time for the scoopers to transfer the giant sundae into individual cups so that the eating could commence . . . because, one final requirement of the World Record attempt was that the entire sundae be consumed!

Eating our share


The crowd moved in, and cups of ice cream sundae were distributed.  All three of us got ours, but I must say, as a person who’s not really a fan of melted ice cream (which is why I tend to always eat my ice cream really fast!), it was kindof gross.


We did our part, though, and consumed our cup of ice cream, along with everyone else . . . and before you knew it, it was GONE!


We could not believe how many p[people were there!

And that was it . . . now the waiting begins again . . . waiting for Guinness to verify the record!

It may not have been the best ice cream sundae I’ve ever had, but it was a fun experience!

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  1. Now you are all part of a Historical Event.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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