Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the last few weeks getting ready for the big holiday weekend – the kickoff to summer – cleaning up the sites, stocking the store, and most importantly, getting the pool opened up.

Ready for the holiday weekend

The weather here over the weekend was beautiful, and we had a full campground . . . so did all the other campgrounds in town . . . it was complete chaos! 

The Silver Lake Dunes area is pretty unique – people don’t just come here to camp and relax – they come here with their Jeeps, their Razors, their 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, anything they can take up on the dunes!  And they drive around . . . constantly . . . back and forth between the dunes, the campground, and town!

For the most part, we stayed around the campground – away from the craziness in town and on the dunes.  Bryce started his summer job this weekend – at the boat rental – and we rode bikes down to check on him one afternoon.

Bryce at work

He’s out there on the dock – along with a bunch of other teenage and college-aged guys – they’ll spend their days in the water this summer, getting boats ready for customers and cleaning them up when they are brought back in.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a small lake, and they can pretty much see the whole lake from the end of the dock.  That’s where they spend most of their time – watching all the rentals on the lake, making sure nobody gets into trouble.  If they do see somebody who needs help, they jump on a wave runner and go out to assist.  Yep, it’s pretty much a dream job for the summer!

From there we rode our bikes down to the State Park – it’s usually a pretty nice ride, with a bike path most of the way, but on this holiday weekend the road was pretty busy with all those Jeeps, Razors, and rental mopeds . . . crazy people on rental mopeds!

The day use area of the state park is under construction still, with a new pavilion and sidewalks along the beach,

State Park Beach

and expanded parking lots.

After a quick ride around the camping loops, we headed back to our campground and out of the chaos . . . but not really!  It was still pretty chaotic there, too!

The pool was getting lots of action this weekend, so it’s a really good thing they got it opened in time!  We walked down to put our legs in the hot tub and visit with a few campers.

Beautiful Day at the pool

Monday was Tom’s and my wedding anniversary, and Bryce was working until 8pm, so we decided to go into Pentwater for a nice dinner.  We needed to stop at the corner store to drop off a bunch of returnable bottles that campers had left in the recycling area, so we did not take our normal route to town.  According to the map on my phone, the road we were on when we left the store would take us north and merge right into the road that crosses Pentwater Lake, and take us right into town.

What my phone didn’t tell us was that after a mile or so, it would turn to sand!

Taking a new route to Pentwater


The sign said “seasonal road”, which around here just means that it isn’t plowed in the winter – no problem, the road looked fine, and besides, we’re in a Jeep!







The further we drove, though, the more interesting the road got!  We were getting deeper and deeper into the woods, and the road was getting narrower and narrower!

Deeper into the woods

We just laughed and kept going – I assured Tom that my phone said the road would eventually get us where we were going!

Getting a little muddy!


There was mud – lots of it – and some ruts that would have swallowed up our tires . . . luckily we were able to straddle them and keep going!







Pretty soon, we were on barely a two-track, and Tom was convinced that the road was just going to end!

The road is getting narrow!

We kept going though (we’re so adventurous!), and eventually the little road through the woods dumped us right out where my phone said it would . . . and would you believe I had better phone service the entire time we were in the woods, than I have here at the RV Resort!

Pavement – we made it!

We made it back to pavement!

Sunset_May 29th


Good job little Jeep!  You made it through the woods!

We enjoyed a very nice anniversary dinner, and took a more civilized route home!

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  1. Belated Anniversary wish to you and you thought you were just going to have a run of the mill day instead you make it into an adventure.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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