Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mt. Baldy Hill Climb

Mt. Baldy Hill Climb


Our last weekend at Silver Lake certainly was a busy one!  In addition to the Apple BBQ Festival, on Sunday was the Mt. Baldy Hill Climb at the dunes.

Mt. Baldy is the steep slope on the back side of the ORV area of the dunes – it’s got to be about a 60 degree slope, and over 100 feet tall!

Twice a year, the DNR opens it up for vehicles to climb, and it’s become quite a spectator event.



We arrived around 10:30, and the fun had already gotten started.  There was quite a crowd gathered to watch!

A good crowd gathered to watch the hill climb

We tried out several spots in the crowd before we finally settled into a location where we could see most of the hill and get some good pictures.  If only they would trim some branches off those trees, the view would be better!


The vehicles participating in the climb are grouped into categories by vehicle type and horsepower . . .

there were sandrails,




and trucks.











As each vehicle took it’s turn on the hill, they lined up at the bottom, revved their engine,

Waiting for the wheels to catch

and then launched up the hill!

Then they launch!










The more they spin their tires, the better launch they get . . . but it also takes time . . . and ultimately, the best time wins!

Some of them are pretty radical, though!

This guy really threw some sand!

Before taking off, their crew members pack sand behind their rear wheels to add traction . . . but they need to be careful to get out of the way!  These guys weren’t quite quick enough!


It was fun to watch, and “the Green Jeep” was one of our favorites . . . he was quick, too!

This guy was FAST!

His front tires are off the ground!

That wrapped up our summer at the dunes . . . it was fun, with lots of new experiences!  Now we look forward to getting back on the move!

Leaving Silver Creek and getting back on the road!

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  1. That would have been a fun event to see and the temperatures were perfect as well.
    Wishing you Safe and Enjoyable travels this coming winter season and maybe our paths will cross again. If not there are more roads to travel in the future.

    It's about time.


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