Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oceana County Fair–one more night of family fun!




After cleaning all the sand out of the Jeep after our dune adventures, and getting it loaded up with all Bryce’s boxes, we had an early dinner, went to church and then to the Oceana County Fair in Hart.

It had rained quite a bit in the morning, so we weren’t sure we’d be able to go, but it was just cloudy in the afternoon . . . and I was determined to go!

When we arrived at the fairgrounds, they were clearing the mud from the previous night’s tractor and truck pulls, to get ready for the demolition derby.

Getting ready for the demolition derby

We weren’t sure if we were going to stay for the derby or not, so we didn’t buy tickets right away.  We walked through the arts & crafts barn,

Fruits and vegetables barn

A few quilts

Vidalia Onions - Best of Show


and checked out many of the award-winning fruits and vegetables, too.








From there, we made our way over to the animal barns.  We were amazed at the number of animals!  We’ve been to a few county fairs back by home, and there are animals . . . but at this fair, the animals are a main focus!

We saw chickens,



Crazy goats!


and horses,

Showing off her ribbons

Trying to be a horse whisperer

including some really BIG horses!

Walk quickly and carefully

Walking through this barn was really nerve-wracking . . . we tried to stay as far away from those hind legs as we could!

These guys are HUGE!

Our favorites, though, were the pigs and the cows – they were very photogenic!

Most of the pigs were sleeping,

Happy Dreams

but others were awake,     Sitting in the corner


and some were very entertaining, and anxious to “talk” to everybody around them!








Pink George



Above most of the stalls were posted “Thank You’s” to whoever had purchased the animal, including these poor guys who were purchased by the local grocery store famous for their homemade brats.







Destined to become bratwurst

 Then there were the cows . . .

The cows are my favorites!

and steers . . . some really big steers!

Lots of steak!

This guy did not want to be touched!










The white one did not want anybody to touch him, especially Tom!

This little guy had such a pretty face, I couldn’t resist him!

Look at that face!

11 day old calf


We had seen all the animals and were on our way out of the barn when a little boy asked us if we saw the 11-day-old calf.  I said no, and he offered to show us.

He walked us back to the pen, but warned us not to try to touch it, because when he tried to pet the calf, the momma almost kicked him.  Thanks for the warning!




After seeing all the animals, we were ready for some food . . . yummy fair food!


Tom had some authentic mexican food, we shared french fries and lemonade, and then split an elephant ear!


Got our elephant ear

Bryce just had to have his giant bag of cotton candy!

Monster bag of cotton candy

After we all had our snacks, we walked through the area of rides and games.

Carnival Rides



I remember the bear ride from our church festival many years ago!!  We rode in it with Nicolas!

Kiddie Rides

There were all the typical games . . . and I didn’t see many people waling around with prizes . . . actually didn’t see many people playing the games!

Midway Games



These are the sights and sounds of the fair, though!


It was just about time for the demolition derby to start, but Bryce wasn’t really interested in staying, and we had to be up really early the next morning, so we headed back to the Jeep.

It looked like they had a really good crowd!

Big crowd

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