Friday, October 28, 2016

Exploring the USS Yorktown and USS Laffey–Patriots Point


When Nicolas graduates from Prototype, the ceremony will be held on board the USS Yorktown.  We thought that Grandpa would really enjoy seeing that ceremony, but unfortunately, Nicolas’ class has had some setbacks with the reactor, so his graduation has been delayed, probably until December.



Not a problem for Tom and I, since we’ll be here through the end of December, but Grandpa wasn’t planning to stay that long.


I saw on facebook that they had a special on Sundays – 4 tickets for $40, which works out to be about half price for 4 adults.  Nicolas could have gotten in free, if he wore his uniform, but he didn’t really feel like going in uniform.



Nicolas was working the midnight shift last week, so we took our time getting to his apartment . . . but still managed to wake him up when we arrived at noon!  He had to be back home by 6pm to get ready for work, so as soon as he had eaten some breakfast and I took Casey for a walk, we headed down to Mt. Pleasant.

The parking lot at Patriots Point was really full when we arrived, but most people were going to Ft. Sumter.  The Yorktown wasn’t crowded at all, and we had a nice visit.

The ship is divided into 5 self-guided tours, and Nicolas prioritized the ones that he wanted to do, since we didn’t know how much of it Grandpa was going to be able to handle.

We started by looking at a few planes in the hanger bay,


The Bridge

and then made our way up to the flight deck to see some more planes.

On the Flight Deck

We stopped in the Pilots’ Ready Room for some instruction first.

Awaiting instructions in the Pilots' Ready Room

Grandpa liked looking at all the old airplanes and fighter jets!


We had a great view of the Ravenal Bridge, too!


Lots of steps


From the flight deck, we continued up, up, up to the Bridge . . . Dad was handling the stairs pretty well so far!








Nicolas looks good up there!


Grandpa checking out the view,


the flight deck and Charleston Harbor.

Overlooking the Flight Deck and Charleston Harbor

We returned to the Hangar Bay,

Yorktown Bell

and then followed Tour 1 to the lower deck areas – where the sailors lived and worked.

The Berthing Room,

Berthing Area

the Chapel,



and the Torpedo Room.

Torpedo Room

More stairs!


From the lower deck, we took a detour to the Engine Room – where Nicolas will be working – and the Brig.

In the Brig

In the Engine Room


We made our way back up, and as we walked past the galley, the kitchen, and the bakery, Nicolas had me take a picture of the chocolate chip cookie recipe – for the next time we need 10,000 cookies!

Nicolas wants to try this recipe - scaled down, of course!


Grandpa was running out of steam, so we wrapped up our tour of the Yorktown,



but Nicolas still wanted to tour the Laffey.


USS Laffey

There are some new interactive exhibits in the Engine Room and the Command Center.  They are really well done, and Nicolas thought they were pretty cool.

Nick says these are fun!

Another interactive exhibit


We walked past the sub, too, but didn’t go on it this time . . . Nicolas says he spends enough time on a sub!



So, that was our day of touring at Patriots Point.  I think Grandpa had a good time – he certainly saw a lot of things that he’d never seen before!

Long day, but we survived!



  1. We took that tour many, many years ago when we lived on Isle of Palms!! My main memory was of the submarine and how ANYONE could live on one of those. I guess living in an RV makes the submarine seem less confining for Nicolas;o))

    1. Yes, he's used to confined spaces, but Nicolas is still glad he'll be on a carrier, and not a sub, especially after training on a sub these last several months!

    2. Being on a carrier will be like move to a BIG city:o))


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