Sunday, October 9, 2016

One last stop in Virginia, and then on to South Carolina

Following the mountains

From Endless Caverns, we traveled southwest on I-81 along the Blue Ridge Mountains, to the little town of Fort Chiswell at the intersection of I-81 and I-77.

Heading SW on I-81


It was a nice RV park, convenient to the interstate and right next to a Flying J, but it was buffered from everything by a large berm, so it didn’t feel like you were right by the interstate and didn’t have any noise from it either.

It’s a popular spot, and we were glad we had a reservation, because shortly after we arrived and got set up on site #9, there was a steady stream of RVs coming in all afternoon!

Eventually they filled up, and we saw several get turned away.

Fort Chiswell RV Park

Site 9











We found this park through our RV-Dreams friends, Don & Lois.  When I knew we’d be passing through their area, I texted Lois and asked for a recommendation.  This was a good one!

Don & Lois came over the next day for a visit, and after a couple hours of catching up, we all drove into nearby Wytheville for some dinner.


Wytheville is a cute little  historic town, and we decided to try the 1776 Log Cabin Restaurant.  They’d never been there before, but it got really good reviews.



The restaurant is in a historic house . . . bordering on just plain old . . . we were a little concerned about the steps leading up to the front door!

We made it, though, and the inside was very charming, with separate dining areas in each room – very cozy and personal.


It was slightly more expensive than we expected from the $$ on Yelp, but the food was very good.  Lois and I both had “Confederate Beef Stew”, which was supposedly what General Lee and his troops ate in the field.  It was really good – beef, carrots and apples, served with mashed potatoes.  YUM!

Don & Lois

We had an excellent visit with Don & Lois – lots of laughs, and plenty of good-natured ribbing, as usual!  So glad we were able to get together with you guys!


Tom couldn’t resist making a “statement”!


The next morning, we hooked up the Jeep and headed south on I-77.  We had one last mountain pass to make it over,

One more mountain pass to get through

with several runaway truck lanes,

There were several truck ramps on this stretch of highway












and then we were home free!

Final downgrade



We left Virginia behind, and cruised through North Carolina, taking the bypass around Charlotte, and right into South Carolina.


There was some construction, but not too bad, and traffic was pretty light.  It was an easy driving day, and we arrived with no problem at Ebenezer Park, a York County Park on Lake Wylie.

Ebenezer Park

Site 25 -- Overlooking the lake











It’s a really nice park.  We were only scheduled to stay for 2 days, but we may end up being here longer . . .

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  1. So fun to see you got to visit with Don & Lois...Hi Guys!!! We have never stayed at Ebenezer as we lived on Lake Wylie but I have heard that it is a great park. Stay safe and don't rush to Santee...water, water everywhere!!!


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