Monday, December 5, 2016

A beautiful day at Folly Beach

Folly Beach December 2nd

Nicolas and I have been wanting to get to the beach to hunt for sand dollars, and since I’ve never been to Folly Beach, we decided to go there.  We were both off on Friday, so we met Nick at his apartment and he drove us down to Folly Beach.  Since it’s off-season, Casey came with us to walk the beach.

It was only supposed to be in the mid-60s, but sunny, so a good day to visit the beach.  It got warmer than expected, so it was a beautiful day.

Folly Beach

Our first stop was in the residential area along the beach.  It was quiet, but there were a few other people out with their dogs.

Houses on the beach










Walking on the beach

We walked for a while, but didn’t have any luck finding sand dollars.


There weren’t even many shells on the beach, and those that I did see were broken up.


There were a few birds around . . . and a supply of sand toys for kids.

Toys at the beach

We continued down the beach road, until we reached the end of the road and the path to the lighthouse.  No dogs allowed on the lighthouse road, so we walked along the beach again.

Sunny day at the beach

I walked along the high tide line to look for sand dollars, while Nick and Tom (& Casey) walked closer to the water.

Walking the beach



She was so happy to be out with us . . . as soon as Nick put her harness on back at the apartment, she knew it meant she was going on an adventure!








Looking closely for sand dollars . . .

Searching for sand dollars

we saw quite a few starfish, but not a lot of sand dollars.  I didn’t find any, but Nick found a couple for me, and Tom found one, too.  Yea!


We reached the end of the beach, and could see the Folly Beach Lighthouse across the water.

Folly Beach Lighthouse

Looking closely at the left side of the horizon in this photo, you can also see the Ravenal Bridge in the distance.

Folly Beach Lighthouse and Ravenall Bridge

With our hunt complete, we returned to the little town of Folly Beach and the fishing pier. 

Folly Beach Pier

Nick & Casey waiting for us


I wanted to walk on the pier, but Casey wasn’t allowed, so she and Nicolas waited for us on a bench at the beginning of the pier.








We had a great view of the beach from up there.

Quiet day at the beach

On the Folly Beach Pier










Some brave souls in the water

Nobody was fishing from the pier, but there were a few people in the water, and a small group of surfers next to the pier.












Not too bad for the beginning of December!

A pretty day at the beach

From the pier, we walked through the small downtown area.  It’s a cute little beach town, with your typical bars, restaurants and gift shops.

Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach, SC










Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach, SC


We saw a little yogurt shop, so we stopped for a snack – it was a good day for yogurt!

Mmmm . . . a good day for yogurt

We didn’t think to get Casey one of her own, but Nicolas let her clean our dishes!

Casey got to clean our dishes

I’m glad I finally got to visit Folly Beach – it’s a fun little town!  Next weekend, we’re going back for the Christmas Parade and Art Fair, but it’s supposed to be colder, so I’m glad we got our beach visit in on a nice warm day!

Flowers still in bloom


  1. Another Great Family Day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Visited there one afternoon in October for the first time and loved it. We were only at the public beach park though for a few hours. We camped at the James Island County Campground - a wonderful park. Your blog is inspiring me to go back and explore more of Folly Beach!


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