Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Glorious–A Christmas Concert


One night while watching tv, I saw (or more accurately, heard) a commercial with some beautiful Christmas music.  I looked up in time to see that it was for a concert at a church in Columbia. 

Waiting for the Christmas Concert

Shandon Baptist Church

I went to their website, and found that tickets were free.  Cool!  I downloaded three tickets for the 5pm show, in the hopes that Nicolas might be able to go with us.


He was working days last weekend, but had built up a few favors and was able to get off work right after morning muster.  The Refuge Biologist, Garrett, decided to join us as well, and I printed off another ticket.

Garrett and Nicolas











Nick was here by 11am, so we got an early start to Columbia and everyone did a little Christmas shopping.  We arrived at the church just after 4:30, and it was already really crowded.  This was a huge church, though, with tons of seating, including a full balcony.


We worked our way to the front rows of pews, and managed to find some good seats.  The concert started right at 5pm, and this very talented group of young performers put on quite an impressive show.



Every one of them played multiple instruments, as well as sang, and they performed a wide variety of Christmas songs – from fun, modern Christmas classics, old-fashioned Christmas carols, to modern religious hymns.


















They were extremely entertaining, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the concert.


I think they perform this Christmas Show every year, so if you ever find yourself near Columbia, SC at Christmas, you should definitely go.


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  1. Looks like another Enjoyable Evening and the fact that Nicolas was able to join you probably made it even more worthwhile.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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