Saturday, March 11, 2017

Enjoying a little music in the Square

Big crowd for music in the Square

One of the things that living in The Villages offers for its residents is daily entertainment at each of the three Towne Squares – that’s 365 days/year! 

Mark & Janie have become friends with one of the entertainers who is a regular at The Villages, and on Thursday night, he was performing at the Sumter Town Square.  They were going for a couple hours, before heading over to Trivia Night, and invited us to join them.

Arriving home after our full day of touring last Saturday, Tom was starting to feel the effects of a cold or flu coming on, and he spent the next several days sleeping around the clock, and trying to battle the flu symptoms.  I spent those days working and trying to stay far enough away from him to avoid getting sick, too!  I think I was pretty successful, but I did suddenly get hit by the effects of warming temperatures driving up the amount of yellow pollen in the air.

By Thursday, we were finally feeling up to going out, so we grabbed a quick dinner at Steak n Shake, and met them at the Square.  It was a beautiful, warm evening, and a perfect night for music in the Square.

Tom and Mark watching the show

We enjoyed the music, and watching the dancers . . .

Line Dancing at sunset


this guy in the white fedora was particularly fun to watch!

White Fedora guy was a really good dancer











Mark & Janie left to go to Trivia Night, but Tom and I  passed on that this week, and stuck around to listen to the music a little longer. 


There were also some vendor booths around the square, so we took a walk around to check out what was on sale.  I found a pretty watch that I bought for myself – something a little nicer than my Casio digital!

There was a huge truck parked on the street, and next to it was a matching golf cart . . . so cute!

Big Truck, Little Truck

It was a really fun evening, and we were glad we went.

On Friday, we stuck around the RV park and rested some more after taking a walk in the morning.  After lunch, we went to the pool for a couple hours and soaked up some sun. 

Ahhh, that felt really good . . . we were rejuvenated for an adventure on Saturday!

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