Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Visiting Lake Weir and our Final Days in The Villages

Eaton's Beach

After mass and grocery shopping on Sunday, we decided to go for a drive around Lake Weir, and check out Eaton’s Beach.  Make made plans to meet Mark & Janie at 5pm at the restaurant at Eaton’s Beach, and we set out in the Jeep with the top down . . . it was a beautiful day!

We stopped at a couple of county parks on Lake Weir, where there were small beaches and a large boat launch.


It’s a nice lake . . . and I guess there must not be too many alligators, since there are swimming areas.  But, you know what they say about water in Florida!












We arrived at the restaurant about a half hour early, put our names in for a table, and walked out on the pier to enjoy the view.

View from the Tiki Hut

It looks like a nice beach for families with small kids,

Swimming Area

and a popular lake for watersports – we saw people water-skiing, and riding jet skis.

Rental Boats











There were plenty of people enjoying this beautiful afternoon at the beach!

Volleyball & the Pier

It's a pretty nice beach











Mark & Janie arrived right at 5pm, and about 15 minutes later we were seated at a table on the back patio, overlooking the beach and lake – great view!

Enjoying the beach

Tom spotted this guy driving his truck right out into the water to load his boat on the trailer . . . who needs a boat launch!?!


We enjoyed a delicious dinner, and great company!  Thanks for meeting up with us, guys!  We’ve really enjoyed hanging out with you this last month!

Mark & Janie

As our days wind down here in central Florida, we’re making our plans for the drive north, and trying to make plans for the summer.  Still have some work to do there!

On Monday, Tom saw a crew of guys washing a couple of motorhomes in the RV Park, and he watched their progress and talked to them for awhile.  He was impressed with their work, so we hired them to wash and detail our motorhome and Jeep on Tuesday.  It’ll be nice and clean for our drive on Thursday!

The crew arrived by 10am on Tuesday.

Cleaning Crew

They got right to work, giving the motorhome and Jeep a thorough cleaning.












I don’t think the Jeep has ever been this clean before!

The Jeep got a spa treatment, too!

They were very detailed, and no inch was left untouched!













Every inch of the RV was cleaned and polished

They did a great job and we were really happy with the results!  3 guys, 4 hours, $300 . . . pretty great value!

So shiny!

Looking good!

All done and it looks great!

Looking Good!

Now we’re ready to pack up and move north!


  1. Rig and Jeep look GREAT!!!

    Safe Travels........

  2. Nice, they both look new! Happy, Safe travels.

  3. Nice, they both look new! Happy, Safe travels.

  4. Nice and Clean now Tom just has to keep it that way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels!

    It's about time.


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