Friday, April 28, 2017

A busy couple of weeks in Charleston, then time to move north

Strawberry Fields

Six pounds of berries

Between searching for a vehicle for Nicolas to use to move to Norfolk, getting his apartment packed up, emptied and cleaned, we managed to also get a few things done.  Tom and I picked strawberries one morning and I made another pie for Nicolas.

YUM - strawberry pie!

I even did a little bit of sewing on the weekend, too.  I’m doing a camper block of the month (BOM) with my “RV Quilters” facebook group, and we began with Block 1 in April.

Quilt square #1

I also made a little wool project for Nicolas’ neighbor to thank her for “adopting” Nicolas while he’s been in Charleston.

New wool project

I made it into a small runner, and also gave her a framed picture of Nicolas from his Prototype Graduation.

Made into a little runner

On the Saturday before we left, Nicolas took the 4 of us – his parents and his “Charleston parents” – out to dinner.  He’s such a good boy!

We had given up on finding a truck down there, but then one day while we were walking around the campground loop, a truck drove in with a “For Sale” sign in the window.  We couldn’t believe it – it was just what Nicolas was looking for, although a little newer and with a few more options than he really needed.

He mulled it over for a few days, and then decided to go for it, and agreed to pay what they were asking.  In the course of negotiating the deal, though – we needed to take action pretty quickly – the guy decided that he didn’t want to sell the truck!  We were stunned . . . and found ourselves back to searching for a temporary vehicle that would get all of his stuff to Norfolk, and that he could later trade in on a truck!

We finally found something on Friday, and although it’s not pretty, and definitely not cool (he would NOT let me take a picture of it!), it holds everything he needs to move, and it should get him where he’s going.

We loaded up all his worldly belongings, moved what he needed to his new temporary house, and cleaned out the apartment.  By Monday afternoon, we were done . . . and rewarded ourselves by going to the new Fast & Furious movie.  We were surprised to find that the theatre had been renovated with new reclining seats . . . nice way to watch a movie!

At the movies

On Tuesday morning we got up with Nicolas and said our good-byes as he left for work.  We hated leaving him – we had hoped to be able to help him with his move to Norfolk – but he still needed to finish up in Charleston, and we had a rally to get to.  We’ll see him in a few weeks!

We loaded up our new co-pilot,


and started our journey north.

It was a beautiful day to travel,

A beautiful day for a drive through the mountains

and we all did fine . . . including Casey!


Meanwhile back in Michigan, Bryce is finishing up his freshman year at Michigan State and was inducted into the Kinesiology Fraternity over the weekend.

Bryce's Kinesiology Fraternity

I’m glad to see he’s enjoying school . . . and getting good grades, too!

Always surrounded by girls!

Making lots of new friends, too!

OK, there are a few other guys in the group!











We’ll be seeing him again soon . . . and need to find him a car, too!  I think May is going to be a pretty busy month, too!

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  1. Both your boys are well focused on their futures.
    Too bad that guy pulled out of the deal for the truck. Maybe Nicolas will get a better deal down the road.
    Casey seems to have fallen into her new role without any problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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