Sunday, April 16, 2017

Leaving Georgia–continuing north

Little fishing lake

After our busy weekend exploring the Savannah area, we were ready for a couple of laid-back days around the campground before our move to South Carolina.

Whispering Pines

We spent lots of time visiting with our neighbors, I did a little bit of sewing with the fabric I picked up in Savannah, and we went for a couple walks around the lake in the back of the campground.

There’s a family of Mallards that lives on the little lake,

Duck familiy

as well as this one white duck that the seasonal campers call Aflac.

They call this one Aflac

The campground rents canoes, and allows catch & release fishing on the lake.  Our neighbors went out a few times, and they said they saw quite a few fish.

There’s a short hiking path around the lake.

Short hiking path











Around the lake

It doesn’t go all the way around though, since the far end of the lake is in somebody else’s backyard.

From the opposite side, we could see the backs of the RVs parked along the water.

Campground in the distance

Sites back along the lake











It’s quite a pretty little lake.


Aflac looking for food


Back at the dock, one of the campers had brought some bread for Aflac.  When she wasn’t looking and talking to us, the duck reached up and grabbed the rest of the bread right out of her hand!







Later, she was being chased by the family of mallards.

They look like they're chasing Aflac

We wrapped up our stay at Whispering Pines on Monday. FYI – This little RV Park is a great location for exploring Savannah and Tybee; probably Hilton Head, too – exit 109 off I-95.  Nearby Rincon, GA has just about everything you need for shopping -- including Walmart, Publix and Kroger.  In our case, it was the only campground in the area that had sites available for the week!

On Tuesday, we made our way north to Charleston, and met Nicolas at the Foster Creek campground on the Navy Base.  We got set up on our site for the next 2 weeks,

Set up at Foster Creek

and went with Nicolas to meet the person who was buying his car.

Saying goodbye to Nicolas' car

It’s been a great car for him, and would have been a good one for Bryce, too, but Nicolas got his asking price, and he really couldn’t turn that down.  So, we said good-bye to Nick’s car and he’ll use our Jeep to go to work the next couple weeks while we search for something he can use to move his stuff to Virginia, and then up to Michigan for leave.

That kept Tom pretty busy this week while I worked, and we also managed to get Casey a haircut,

Casey with her summer haircut

and celebrate Easter with Nicolas (although with him on the midnights shift this week, he slept most of the day!)

Nicolas ready to dig into the Easter Bread

HAPPY EASTER to all of our family and friends around the country!  Happy Spring!



  1. Happy Easter to all of you and hope everything works out for the new Vehicle for Nicolas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great to spend time with your sailor. When does Nicolas go to the fleet?


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