Monday, September 11, 2017

Labor Day Car Show in Durand

Durand, MI

We decided to check out the car show in Durand, not expecting it too be very big, but we were surprised at how many cars had come out on this beautiful afternoon.


Lemon yellow

Cars lined both sides of the entire length of Main St.

Downtown Durand car show

Being in “GM Country” (we were just 15 miles from Flint), there were a lot more GM cars than we were used to seeing at the car shows that we usually frequented – we always tended to end up at Ford-dominated shows.

Chevy Bel Air


We still managed to find plenty of Fords, though . . .

Nice Ford truck

Econoline Van

Ford pickup

and a few Dodge’s,


and one really old Ford!

Cool old Ford

I find myself drawn to the old chrome bumpers – they don’t make them like that anymore!

I love the grills

Durand is a really old town . . . cute, with old storefronts and beautiful old homes,

Cute house

even some antique gas pumps on display at the local gas station.

Gas pump display at the gas station

The buildings in the center of town have a mural of Durand from the old days . . .

Building mural

Durand car show

I spotted this guy as we walked through the show . . . he was having his own car show!  That’s totally something that Nicolas would have done at that age!

He's having his own car show!

Found this VW Bug for Bryce,

Cool Bug!

and Tom liked this hot rod!

Tom loves a Hot Rod

As the car show wrapped up, it was time for the burn-out contest.  There was an area blocked off and a fire truck standing by . . .

Military Jeep

and with a little bit of bleach on the tires and the pavement, they revved their engines with the goal of creating as much smoke as possible . . . to the point of blowing out their tires, in some cases!

These guys made a cloud of smoke so thick we almost couldn't see!

Crowd pleaser - kept going until both tires blew

It was mostly old beater cars and trucks participating in the contest, but a few of the classics joined in the fun, too!

Nobody could believe he was going to do a burnout!

This guy got into it!

We were surprised to see them, and most of them didn’t do much, but this guy put on a good show!

Put on a good show

There was even a motorcycle that got in on the action!


That was certainly an interesting finish to the car show, and something we hadn’t ever experienced before!

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