Thursday, October 12, 2017

Family Time in New Jersey

From Connecticut, it was time for us to take a turn to the south, but first we were going to make a stop in New Jersey to visit Tom’s cousins and Aunts and Uncle.  They all live somewhat close to NYC, but we had no desire to drive the RV on I-95 through the city, nor did we want to stay too close to the city.

We spent quite a bit of time looking at campground websites and reviews, trying to find something that would keep us out of the city but not too far from everyone.  We ended up selecting a campground up in the mountains in the northwest corner of New Jersey, close to the Delaware Water Gap.  Our 200 mile route would take us through 3 states, across some mountain grades, and over a bridge.

We got the Jeep hooked up,

Hitched up and ready to go

and after a quick stop at the dump station, we were on the road by 9:30am.  From Mystic, we made our way up to I-84 in Hartford, and took that across New York.

I-84 through New York

The scenery was beautiful, with mountains on the horizon and fall colors just starting to show.

New York

Traffic was light, and I-84 took us right into Pennsylvania.


(Only for a short distance, though)

Picking up Hwy 206, we crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey.

Delaware River

Finally New Jersey

We arrived at the Great Divide Campground, and got checked in.  This area of New Jersey is very wooded and mountainous, and the campground was no exception – every site was on a hill!  The roads were kindof narrow, but we took our time and made our way to our site.

Tom had to back in uphill, but the site itself was very level and we had FHU and cable, but only 30 amp.

Settled into site S14

Site S14

We did learn something new while we were here . . . my washer and dryer do not get power while hooked up to just 30 amp electric.  We thought we could manage our electrical loads and use the washer and dryer, but they would not work at all.  Since I had already loaded clothes and soap into the washer for one load, we fired up the generator and I got that load done!

The park was pretty nice, and it looked like they have a lot of activities in the summer.

Fall colors

Nice pool

Casey liked it, too!

Happy doggy

All set up, we were ready to do some visiting . . . on Saturday, Tom and I went to his Aunt Jane’s house to visit with her.  We had lunch with her and her son-in-law, Mark, while we caught up on everything that’s been going on in everyone’s lives (and the rest of the world, too!)

After Mark went home, we stayed to visit some more, and Tom found a new friend --

Terry likes Tomhis cousin, June’s, dog, Terry.

She’s a cutie!


We stayed to have dinner with Aunt Jane, and then took her to mass. 

Earlier in the day, Tom had spotted a lemon meringue pie in the dining room, and there was no way that Aunt Jane was going to let us leave without cutting into it!

Dessert after church 

On Sunday, Tom’s cousin Joanne, along with her husband, Mark, and their family were hosting a BBQ/Family Reunion of as many of the cousins as they could get together. 

They did a great job of getting the family together!

Joanne, Jim, Janet, and Maria

It’s been at least 15 years since Tom and I were last in New Jersey, so it was really nice to re-connect and catch up with everyone.

Tom with Aunt Olga and Uncle Freddie



Sharon, Aunt Sylvia, Uncle Freddie


Our Hostess, Joanne – thanks so much for getting everyone together!  We had a great time!


We were glad that we were able to fit in a visit during our trip to the northeast!  See you all again soon, we hope!

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  1. Nice getting caught up with family that you haven't seen in a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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