Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July fun!

Happy Independence Day

Well, we’ve been to a rodeo and a stock car race, but Bryce has still been wanting to get to a demolition derby!  When we arrived in Brigham City, we saw that nearby Ogden was having a car show and demolition derby, followed by fireworks . . . what’s more American than that??!!

The demolition derby wasn’t until 6pm, but the car show opened at 1pm, so we headed over there after lunch. We saw a few nice cars,

'56 T-Bird -- in an interesting color!

Fancy hearse




From an 80s TV show, Maverick -- I've never heard of it










Nicolas checks out the Mustang!

but it didn’t take us much more than a half hour to see everything.  There were lots of free activities for little kids, but nothing really for teenagers to do, so we went back to the RV to cool off and have some dinner before we went back for the demolition derby.

When we got back at 5:30 it was REALLY crowded, and we had to drive around the block a couple times before we found a place to park.  We found one though, and even managed to get decent seats in the bleachers for the derby.

Before long, the cars were getting ready . . .

Demolition Derby getting started

and there was plenty of action!

Quite a crash!

Nicolas thought that the station wagons had the best chance of surviving,

Nicolas likes the station wagons

and several of them did pretty well!  The dirt was flying like crazy . . .

Dirt was flying!

and there were even a few flames!

Uh Oh! Fire!

We watched several rounds of the cars crashing and pushing each other around in the dirt,

Who will win this battle?

and at the end of each round there were winners . . . although we have no idea how they were determined! LOL!

The cars took a break then (probably to get them fixed up and back running for the final round!), and we watched the trucks go at it . . .

Time for trucks!

these guys get REALLY rough!  Within the first couple of minutes, there was one truck up on the wall, and this guy was getting flipped over onto his side!

The trucks got really aggressive!

It took a whole bunch of guys to get it back on its wheels,

Trying to flip it back over

and then the action stopped again while another driver was taken away by ambulance!  (I think it may have just been a precaution, though . . . he climbed out of his truck on his own, and he was waving to the crowd as they put him in the ambulance!)

Finally, it was time for the Main Event, and there were a bunch of cars back in it . . . many more than we expected!

Derby cars!

It was crazy, and chaotic, and in the end we think there was a winner . . . but we don’t know who!

Can't tell who won!

Shortly after the demolition derby ended, it was time for fireworks!  It was pretty convenient  to be able to stay right there for fireworks, although we did move down to a lower spot on the bleachers to be able to see better past the trees!






  1. Great way to spend the 4th!!! Keep having fun:o))

  2. That looked like a fun filled family day. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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