Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deadwood and Sturgis

Saturday’s scenic drive took us through several old western towns in the Black Hills, west of Rapid City.

Our first stop was Hill City,

Hill City Sculpture

a touristy little town where we had lunch and I found a quilt shop to visit.  From there, we headed north through the hills and around a few lakes.













Downtown Deadwood


We reached downtown Deadwood, and were surprised to see that it is a gaming town.  There were casinos lining both sides of the street, along with hotels, restaurants and bars.








We probably would have driven straight through, but right as we were driving into town, they were blocking off the main street and setting up for a gunfight demonstration.

Just in time for a gunfight!

The main character explained that their gunfights were historically accurate, based on documented newspaper accounts from 1876.

The gunfighters


This guy is the newspaper reported who recorded the event,

and of course Wyatt Earp was there!

Wyatt Earp

The fight erupted over a game of poker – somebody accused somebody else of cheating!

He's making a run for it!

The gunfight took all of 60 seconds, and left two guys dead on the street!

These guys weren't so quick!

That was the end of the gunfight!  I’m not sure if these re-enactments are a regular thing in Deadwood, or just part of the “Days of 76” that is going on this week . . . but it was entertaining!

From Deadwood we drove through Boulder Canyon,

Boulder Canyon

and on to the town of Sturgis . . . home of the famous motorcycle rally.

Sturgis is gearing up for the Rally!

The rally is coming up in August, and we won’t be here . . . thank goodness! 

DSC_0320Tom did get himself a Sturgis T-shirt, though, and we added ourselves to the giant rally photo from 2012!

As close as he's going to get to the Sturgis Rally!

We continued out of town to the famous Full Throttle Bar . . .

Full Throttle Saloon

Full Throttls Saloon










it looked pretty harmless this weekend, but I wouldn’t want to be here during the rally!  Garage Shirts

Ghost Rider


  1. When we visited Deadwood, we stopped in the local grocery to pick up a few things. As we enter we put 4 quaters in the slot machine and won enough money to pay for our groceries:o)) Other than that we remember it as a tourist trap!!

    1. In the grocery store . . . that's hilarious! We saw a Subway that had a casino in it! We were expecting it to be more of an old-time western town. It has that as its theme, but that's about it!

  2. My maiden name is Sturgis and I've always wondered if any of my distant relatives have anything to do with Sturgis, South Dakota.


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