Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snake River Geocaching

For our last day in Idaho, we decided to get out and do a little geocaching.  I located several down in Swan Valley along the Snake River, so we packed a lunch and headed south on Idaho 31. 

The road took us through farmland and ranch land, with mountains in the background.  It is really beautiful!

Hay Bales

Idaho Farmland










Our first geocache of the day was just a few miles outside of Victor.  We found the designated parking area, and set off on foot to find the cache.

Hiking into the woods

It was only about a 1/2 mile hike, but all uphill, and we were following a creek . . . so we made plenty of noise and kept an eye out for bears!

We didn’t run into any bears, but we did see lots of beautiful wildflowers.





















We reached the location of the geocache, and started searching.

Searching for the geocache

The clue was “under a tree”, and that really didn’t narrow it down much!

Looking "under a tree"

Tom wore his best hiking shoes!









Bryce found it!

Found it!

After signing the log and dropping off one of our Florida Gulf Coast shells, we walked back to the car and continued to the Caribou National Forest, along the Snake River.

Caribou National Forest

Snake River

This is such a beautiful river . . . there is an amazing view around ever curve!

Geocaching along the Snake River

It's SO green here!










Our first geocache on the river took us to the Fall Creek Campground.  We drove to the end of the campground loop, and parked on an empty site.

Our picnic spot along the river

This will be a good spot for lunch, too!  We followed the GPS along the bank of the river – in some spots, REALLY close to the edge!

Leaning Tree



The next geocache takes us along the river

After just a little bit of searching, Tom found this one!  What a clever hiding place!

Tom found this one - what a cool hiding place!

With another success, we walked back to the car and had our lunch, and then Nicolas and Bryce decided to check out the water.

Bryce cools his feet off, too!


Nicolas says the water isn't too cold!



The next geocache took us back towards the entrance of the National Forest, to the Fall Creek Waterfall . . . which we didn’t even see as we drove in!

Bryce is still looking for the geocache

Fall Creek Waterfall

This was a beautiful waterfall, and we never would have known it was there if it hadn’t been for geocaching!

The description on this geocache was actually a little confusing regarding the container, and the actual location . . . so the owner said it could be claimed with a photograph if we weren’t able to sign the log.  We never found the log, so we included a photograph when we logged the find.

We were glad we stopped at this one – it’s beautiful!


This is also a very popular spot for fishing, and we saw several boats in the river around the bottom of the waterfall.

A popular fishing spot on the Snake River

Back at the entrance to the National Forest, we found one last geocache – and this time it was Nicolas’ turn to find it!

Our last geocache of the day!

That makes 4 out of 4 in Idaho, and we really enjoyed our day by the Snake River!

Beautiful Snake River

Back in Swan Valley, we stopped off for some “famous square ice cream”!

Square Ice Cream??

We weren’t sure what square ice cream was, but it just turns out that when the owners ordered some ice cream scoops from “down south” they were square when they arrived.  Rather than send them back, they made them work!  Actually, they were a pretty cool device – like a square barreled grease gun which they pushed into the ice cream tub to fill, and then the pulled the trigger to push the ice cream into the cone.

And then you have a square ice cream cone!

Our square ice cream cones

The ice cream was really good, too! 

Tom & Nick tried huckleberry


Tom and Nicolas had to try the “Idaho Huckleberry”.  They said it was really tasty!



It was pretty hot when we got back to the RV, so we all went over to the pool for a couple hours to cool off.  We had the whole pool to ourselves!

We had the pool to ourselves!

It was a wonderful afternoon, and a great way to spend our last day in Idaho!  We’ve decided that we really like Idaho, and we’ll just have to come back and explore some more of this beautiful state!  We had a great stay at Teton Valley RV Park!

Site 22 at Teton Valley RV Park

Tomorrow we move up to West Yellowstone, and I know we’ll have a really busy week there!


  1. your geocaching adventure was a great success today!!!

  2. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ Thrifty Drug store always had square scoops. Glad to see there are still some around. Love reading about your geocaching adventures. Have fun at Yellowstone, it is awesome. Becki


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