Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hannibal, Missouri

We had an easy drive to Hannibal on Sunday, and quickly got checked in and set up at the Passport America park, Mark Twain Landing.

Our Hannibal Home

It’s a really nice campground with large, paved sites, a nice pool, fishing ponds and lots of activities for kids. 

Fishing in the pond

There are a lot of seasonal campers, but the sites are well-maintained, for the most part.

Our site from the next row over

It’s also just down the road from the Spalding Recreation Area on Mark Twain Lake, where there is a boat launch and swimming beach.

Mark Twain Lake

Mark Twain Lake











Sunday afternoon was warm and sunny, so we took advantage of the pool to cool off before dinner.

A beautiful day at the pool

By Sunday afternoon, the campground had pretty much emptied out, so we had the place almost to ourselves!

Monday was rainy, so after lunch we made a Walmart run for groceries, and walked around downtown Hannibal.  Tom and I were there in 1995, and I remembered the downtown as being cute and having lots of nice shops.  It’s looking a little run-down now, and several of the shops that were still there were closed on Monday.  I did find a nice quilt shop and a popcorn shop where we got some caramel corn.  Other than that, Hannibal was pretty much a disappointment, so we went back to the campground to make dinner and watch a movie.

Tuesday was a much nicer day, so Tom took a motorcycle ride while I worked and the kids did some schoolwork.  In the afternoon, Tom and Nick washed the RV and Bryce and I went to the pool and did laundry (multi-tasking, and working on our tans!). 

Bryce enjoying the sunny day

When Tom and Nick were finished, they came over for a swim,

Nicolas, too



Tom cooling off in e pool

and then we went to the park store for a pizza and ice cream.

We didn’t do a whole lot, but we enjoyed our couple of relaxing days in Hannibal!


  1. sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves! hope the weather becomes more consistent!

    1. We really can't complain at all about the weather . . . lots of craziness going on around the country, and we've pretty much avaided all of it! A few hot days here and there, some humidity in Missouri, and less than a handful of rainy days . . . other than that the weather has been excellent!

  2. Marci,
    You were kind enough to correspond with me last spring before we'd gotten on the road. I've been following along avidly, and can happily say we finally set out around the 1st of August.

    We too were disappointed in Hannibal. We were there on the 11th! We're loving the weather, being from Texas. Glad the campground worked out well for you and the boys.



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