Monday, August 12, 2013

Visiting with family and friends in Kansas City

Tom’s dad is originally from Kansas City, and most of his family still lives in the area, so when we were planning our route back to Michigan, we decided to stop for a week to visit. 

The Blue Springs Campground was conveniently located close to all of Tom’s aunts, uncles and cousins . . . and it was a nice campground, too!

Our Blue Springs Home

It’s been several years since we were here last . . . our kids have gotten a lot bigger, Tom’s cousins’ kids have gotten a lot bigger, and there are some new little cousins that we hadn’t met before! 

Our week was filled with family, and fun, and food!!

Paul & Kathy

Uncle Carl

Patty & Mark

The kids weren’t too sure how they were going to get along with all these new cousins, but it took no time at all for them to feel completely at home, as if they’d lived here all their lives!

Austin, Maria, Bryce & Nick

Makenna, Evan (hiding), Alyssa, Zach

I think the feeling was mutual!

Tom & Austin

We all got together for dinners, and some treats (Yogurtini – YUM!),


and we had several visitors at the RV!

Like father, like son
























On Friday, we all gathered at a Kansas City institution, Gates BBQ,

Gates BBQ

for dinner and conversation.

Paul, Uncle Carl, Tom











It was lively, and loud, and everyone enjoyed their dinner . . . and the company!

Gerry & Mark, Bryce, Angela, Kat, CiCi, Tom, Anna, Tina, Sophia, Vince

After dinner we all gathered out at the farm (Casey’s first home!) for coffee and dessert . . .

JoRita, Aunt Annamarie, Maria, Gerry, Stephanie, Patty, Aunt Vesta, Kathy

Patty, Aunt Vesta, Joanne










and plans for saving the world!

Steven, Zach, Nick, Bryce, Tom, Paul

Bryce was trying to watch football . . . he said he should have sat on the other side of the room!

Bob, Uncle Paul, Mark, Mark, Danny, Joe

Danny, Joe, Uncle Carl










Steven was trying to set the boys straight on cars . . . but I think they have their own opinions!

Talking cars

Uncle Paul


“Hi, Uncle Junior!”











The little kids had the sun porch all to themselves . . . and they were happy to pose for pictures!



Brooklyn, Anna, Vince, Sophia, Tina

It was a late night for everyone, but we still managed to get up early to go to the farmer’s market at City Market in downtown Kansas City.


It’s supposed to be the biggest farmer’s market in the country, and I believe it!  In addition to several permanent vendors, there were rows and rows of local farmers selling their produce, meat, and flowers.

We bought some homegrown corn, and peaches, and tomatoes . . . and some parsley.


The flowers that several farmers were selling were so beautiful . . . I would have loved to buy a bouquet, but don’t have any vases in the RV!

We also managed to meet up with Paul & Mary, fellow RVers who have just recently moved into a home in Kansas City!

Paul & Mary -- blogging friends

We all walked over to Cascone’s Grill (another KC institution),

Cascone's Grill

and enjoyed a delicious lunch together, as well as a couple hours of non-stop conversation!  We have a lot in common with these fellow RVers – we’re young compared to many of the fulltime RVers we meet on the road, and we are happy to enjoy the fruits of our labors by travelling around this great country we live in!  We shared travel-stories, and people-stories, and RV experiences . . . and enjoyed getting to know these folks that we’ve been virtual friends with for several years!

city mkt_usThanks for meeting up with us, and we look forward to catching up again somewhere on the road!!








After our morning downtown, we dropped the boys off at a movie with Zach and Maria, while Tom and I filled the car with gas and picked up a few groceries.  Patty and Mark, and Zach and Maria joined us for dinner at the RV, and then we met up with the rest of the Gimmarro family at church.

After mass, the 8 of us walked around a car show, and saw lots of stuff that caught the boys’ attention.

Hot Rod

Lincoln Continental










I could drive that!

Patty and I were just “along for the ride”, but enjoyed the music and the beautiful weather!  Maria found a few fun cars,

Maria found a car!

and Tom dragged her along into some pictures with him,

Tom & Maria

even one with the Coca-Cola guys that got them into a car!!

Posing for a Coke Ad

We spent an hour or so walking through the show,

Bryce & Maria

and after a quick stop at Yogurtini for a cool treat, we joined the rest of the family at Aunt Vesta’s house for coffee and dessert . . . we’ve had a lot of coffee and dessert this week!!

Uncle Paul & James


We finally met the newest familiy member, James, here with his great-grandfather, Tom’s other Uncle Carl.


He was a little shy at first, but didn’t take long to warm up to Tom . . . all the kids love Tom!James

It was another late night of sharing memories and funny family stories, and before we said our final good-byes for the week we took a few more pictures.

Danny, Zach, Maria, Bryce & Nick

We had to get Aunt Vesta in there with the kids!

Aunt Vesta with the kids

We had a great week in Kansas City, catching up with family and meeting up with long-time virtual friends for a first-time visit!  We’re so grateful that our lifestyle allows us the time and flexibility to plan these visits, and we’re thankful that all of you took the time out of your busy schedules to hang out with us!


  1. sure sounds like you did a lot of visiting!! great to see all the family photos!!!
    and of course to see Paul and Mary's smiling faces too!!!

  2. What a wonder week of making reconnecting with family and making memories!!!


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