Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jellystone fun and exploring Peoria, IL

We left Hannibal on Wednesday and made our way across the Mississippi River,

Crossing the Mississippi River

and into Illinois.  Illinois

Illinois is not a new state for us, but we are exploring a new area of the state.


Our friends, Todd & Sue, and their kids, Josh & Kylie, moved to Peoria several years ago, so we decided to stop by for a visit on our way through.

Todd told us about the Jellystone Park not too far from their house, and we got ourselves settled into a nice quiet site in the back of the park.

Our home at Jellystone Goodfield

Yogi Bear


It was a nice park with lots of activities on the weekends, and plenty of places for kids to keep busy.  The pool looked nice, but we never did get in it . . . Nick & Bryce played mini-golf, and had lots of fun on the Kangaroo Bouncer!

Playing on the kangaroo bouncer

Just a couple of big kids!

They were having such a good time, Tom decided that he should join them!

Tom gets into the act!

The only trouble was . . . he couldn’t quite keep up with them, and spent most of the time flat on his stomach!!

Tom having trouble staying on his feet!

The boys had a blast bouncing around him and making him sick!!

Getting some air!


He’d had enough and made a hasty retreat . . . while they got even more adventurous!










Nicolas really getting into it!

They even managed to talk me into giving it a try, although I wouldn’t let them on there with me . . . Tom was bad enough – trying to make me lose my balance and fall!

OK, I gave it a try, too!

That was worth the cost of staying at a Jellystone Park!  I couldn’t talk them into going on the wagon ride with Yogi, though!! 

Wagon ride with Yogi Bear

They would have done it when they were little!

When we weren’t at the campground, Todd showed us around the area.  We had Uncle Bob’s ice cream in Eureka,

Uncle Bob's Ice Cream in Eureka

where Ronald Reagan went to college . . . I had no idea!

We visited downtown Peoria,

Illinois River



and went to the top of the “Tower” in Peoria Heights.

Tower Park in Peoria Heights

From the observation decks, you could see near and far . . .

Illinois River

View from the tower

even all the way back to Colorado, where we spent a couple of months this summer!     Mancos, CO . . . we were there!








The kids had fun, goofing around . . .

Silly boys!

Nicolas in jail








. . . and the old guys did, too!


Goofy guys!

We also had a great time at the Caterpillar Visitor Center, but that will be a blog post all of its own!!



  1. Never seen or heard of a Kangaroo Bouncer...but sure looks like fun!! So great that you were able to meet up with your friends along the way:o))

  2. Seeing new and exciting things with friends is always a fun thing to do.

    The Bouncer by a different name is only fifty feet from our trailer as we sit right now and all the kids in the park keep it busy.

    Good Luck on the repairs. Be Safe and continue Enjoying the Good Life.

    It's about time.


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