Monday, October 28, 2013

Exploring Route 66 in Illinois

Main Street USA

We left Nappanee early Sunday morning and made our way across Indiana and into Illinois . . . through farm fields,

Farm Field

and wind farms.

Wind Farm











Our destination, in fact, was in the middle of a corn field!

Camp A While Campground

Camp A While


We found the Camp A While Campground on the Passport America site;  it’s a cute little campground with friendly owners – a nice spot to spend a few days!


It was a tight squeeze to get the RV pulled into site #8, but we made it!




Site 8

Illinois Route 66

Today, after work and school were done, we headed north on historic Route 66 to the little town of Atlanta.

As we drove into town, we were greeted by this smiling face.

Smiley Water Tower

It was quiet in town, with most places closed on Monday, but we managed to see several well-known Route 66 attractions.

Our first stop was the Atlanta Park,


where we learned about the history of this cute little town and spoke to a couple of volunteers who were cleaning up the landscaping in the park.

Just across the street from the park is the historic Atlanta Library,

Atlanta Public Library

and the Palms Grill Café, which used to be the Greyhound Bus Station.

Palms Grill Cafe

Atlanta Mural



The Trading Post and the Route 66 Museum were closed, but we were still able to get a peek in the window . . .

Route 66 Museum

Wilbur the mechanic










Paul Bunyan and the boys


and Big Paul Bunyan was still posing for pictures . . . although he seems to have traded his axe for a hot dog!!

What’s up with that??!!








We did find an Arcade Museum that was open (at least we think it was open . . . they had a sign outside, and the door was open . . . nobody was around, though!)

Vintage Arcade

Vintage Pinball


They had quite a collection of old arcade games . . . and some not-so-old ones that I remember!! LOL




Some were even in working condition, and the boys just had to try them out!  Bryce trying out the old style machine









On the way out of town, we stopped to see the J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator.

Historic Grain Elevator


Grain Elevator

It was closed, too – only open in the summer, but we could still walk around and check out the interpretive signs.




Nicolas tried to weigh himself on the scale, but it wasn’t working!

On the scale

Back in Lincoln, the weather had improved enough to justify a visit to Dairy Queen before they close for the season  (yes, we are still up north, and Dairy Queen closes in the winter!)

A good day for Dairy Queen

YUM - Ice cream


It sure did taste good!!






After our treat, we drove through downtown Lincoln, although we weren’t as successful at finding Route 66 sites here!

We did manage to find the County Courthouse, though,

Logan County Couthouse

and City Hall (complete with telephone booth on the roof for storm sighting!),

City Hall - with phonebooth!

Lincoln face


Lincoln’s face on a wall,


and a Quilt Shop!

Found a Quilt Shop in Lincoln!

We finally gave up on looking for historic sites, and just made our way back to the RV for dinner . . . following a hot air balloon part of the way!

Hot Air Balloon

Tomorrow our agenda includes Springfield and Abraham Lincoln!


  1. It is amazing what many would call being just a tourist can in fact be very Educational. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Route 66 is so cool. Too bad so much was not open. Springfield should offer some great experiences. Enjoy


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