Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tecumseh’s Appleumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Patch


We had yet another beautiful week here in Michigan – not really driving us to set our sights south and west – but we know the weather change is just around the corner, so we are starting to get ready.

Yesterday was “spring cleaning” day . . . I cleaned all of the screens and windows in the RV.  It’s amazing how dirty they get –and how much nicer it looks when they are sparkly clean!

Now Nicolas just needs to clean the outside!


Tom had ordered new front brakes for the car, with plans for changing them today at his brother’s house, so yesterday he picked up oil and a filter, so they could take care of that at the same time.

Working on the car

He really likes having a nice clean place to work on the car!

The final upgrade will be new tires, and then it’ll be ready for another year of travelling around the country . . . and nice and safe for my new driver!

The new driver



The big guy was wondering what was going on over there in the barn!!




We’ve been keeping plenty busy while we’re here, but haven’t really done any “fun stuff” other than visiting family, so after we finished our work yesterday we decided to take a drive to Tecumseh for their Appleumpkin Fall Festival.

The crowds were large, and we didn’t actually see much interesting (wanted to check out the antique tractor show, but by the time we got to it, everybody was packing up and leaving), but we did get apples and donuts!

Donut time!

It was a beautiful day to be outside, though, and we did get to see a glassblower creating lovely glass Christmas ornaments.


Back at the campground, it was a great night for a campfire, so Bryce got one started and we roasted some hot dogs for dinner.  After coking, Nicolas his “secret” ingredient for a colorful fire . . .

Nicolas' colorful fire

a section of copper pipe covered by a section of rubber garden hose.  The rubber hose creates the purple flames, and the copper pipe creates the green!  Just a little tip that Nicolas learned from another camper a few years ago . . .


  1. This weather HAS been amazing, hasn't it? We are up in Pennsylvania right now and it has been equally gorgeous...easy to pretend that cold weather isn't right around the corner ;)! Like ya'll, we are planning to hang around and enjoy every last drop of it before heading to warmer lands.

    Thanks for the idea about the fire colors...gonna hafta try that one!

  2. Always nice to enjoy a colorful campfire. If you add metal filings into the copper tube you will also get some red flames as well.

    Went for a walk today and didn't see you guys. Oh that's right Tecumseh Michigan. LOL! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Good to hear everyone is doing well and you are getting ready to hit the road again. Hope our paths cross again this year!!


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