Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall colors and another birthday celebration

Blue Heron & Canadian Geese

We’re still hanging on to our nice fall weather with warm sunny days and nights that are cool, but not freezing.

Fall Colors

The leaves are starting to turn, and much of the ground is covered,

Falling leaves

but there are still plenty of people in the campground – seasonals, transient workers who haven’t moved south yet or will be here all winter (Brrrr!), and fulltimers like us passing through on their way south.


The Canadian Geese population has been increasing lately, so they must be beginning their migration, too!

Canadian Geese



The Great Blue Heron is still around, too . . . so I guess we’re safe for a little while longer!  Once there guys move on, it’ll be time for us to get going, too!








Last weekend we had a combined birthday celebration for the 3 cousins – all of their birthdays are within 1 week!

Birthday Kids

Bryce and Kathleen are both 15 (crazy teenagers!)











Finally . . . a nice picture of them!

and Joe is 11. 



Grilling italian sausageWe all gathered at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for pizza, salad and italian sausage (courtesy of Tom’s Uncle Paul).  Tom got out the grill, and he and Nick were in charge of the grilling.

[Thanks Uncle Paul & Aunt Annamarie – it was delicious!!]







Cake and ice cream completed our celebration,

Birthday Celebration Cake

and all four of the cousins lined up to show how much they’ve grown.


Bryce really did have a growth spurt – he’s catching up to Kathleen!

We’re winding down on our list of things to do while we’re home . . . Nicolas got his wisdom teeth out last week (luckily, it went pretty easy for him!),


and Bryce graduated from 2 wheels to 4!

Silly Boy!

When the days turn colder, and the snow starts to fly


we’ll be out of here!

Sunset_October 8th

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  1. Good to see you are still enjoying time with family. The trees look lovely...we do miss the fall colors!! Don't miss the snow;o))


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