Monday, February 17, 2014

Spotted an American Icon today!

Tom and Nicolas and I were out walking Casey before dinner today, and as we got back to the RV, we saw a bird circling above the campground.  It looked like it might be a Bald Eagle, so I grabbed my camera and got a few shots.          American Bald Eagle


Sure enough, it was an Eagle!  We know they have several nesting pairs on the other side of the lake, but this was the first time we saw one close to the campground.








American Bald Eagle

It continued to circle the campground for a few minutes, and then gradually moved back out over the lake and out of sight.

While I was watching the Eagle, somebody was going out for a glider ride over the lake, too.  Here’s the glider being towed by the pilot plane,

Getting ready to set the glider loose!

and here it’s been released.

Flying solo!










OK, that’s it . . . short post tonight . . . just had to share those pictures!


  1. I never ever tire of seeing the Bald Eagles:o)) Great Photos!!

  2. How wonderful to spot the eagle. Sure would make my day! Becki


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