Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where did January go?


Here in the valley, we enjoyed amazing weather during January.  It was so nice, with temperatures in the upper 70s, that the guys took advantage of the great weather to wash and polish the RV!

Polishing the RV

Tom & Nick working hard

It was a BIG job, and took them several days to complete, but it looked really good when they were done!




The steep drop-off at the back of our site made the back door the most challenging area . . . I think I would have just skipped it, but that’s me . . .







January 29th sunset

While the guys were busy with the RV, I was busy setting up a sewing room for myself in our volunteer laundry room.


The laundry room itself is pretty basic, but we do have 2 washers and 2 dryers, so laundry day goes fairly quickly – even for me!  We do have to be careful to stagger loads, though, since the drain can only handle one washer draining at a time, as is evidenced by the stains on the floor!



There’s another room in the laundry building, with several lockable cabinets and lockers that we can use.  I claimed one of the cabinets for storing my sewing machine and tools, along with my laundry supplies.  It’s much more convenient to just leave it there, rather than carrying it back and forth every week!

Each volunteer gets an assigned morning or afternoon for laundry.  Mine is Thursday afternoon, so now that’s my designated sewing time too!


There’s a table for my sewing machine and cutting board,


and even an available ironing board!


Last week I dug out a quilt project that I haven’t worked on for over a year and a half!  Two more squares finished!


As we turned the calendar to February, the bottom fell out of our temperatures!  OK, not really, but we are only in the 60s now, and we’ve had clouds!  We’ve even had to turn the heat pump back on at night!

January 29th Sunset












We even almost had some rain . . . it evaporated before it reached the ground, but it made for an interesting pink mist in the air over the campground.













Today, Tom and I took Nicolas to meet with a Navy recruiter and set up a time for him to take the ASVAB test.  We’re doing a little investigation in that area before he makes a final decision on college. 

On the way back, we stopped at a vehicle consignment shop that caught Tom’s eye.


They had a little bit of everything – cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles,













even a couple tractors,


and an adorable truck and camper for our sister-in-law, Denise!


It was a fun place to look around!  We stopped for a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A (one of our favorites!), and got back home in time for another beautiful sunset.  Unfortunately, I only had my phone with us as we walked the dog, and it doesn’t take great sunset photos . . . oh well, I’ll probably have another chance tomorrow!

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  1. Lucky you with that wonderful weather. Not many places in the country can say that!! Florida has been cool and rain, rain, rain;o((


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